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    Updation of ISC India Map Third Edition - A new thread

    I raised a thread " Intend publishing the third edition of ISC India Map'. The thread received good responses from old and new members who wanted their names to be included. However, the thread ran into rough weather due to some members unnecessary intrusion into that thread. Hence I have started a fresh thread to receive the names of members interested in having their names in the ISC India Map.

    Kindly post your name and the state to which you belong. The updated Third Edition of ISC India Map will be available to you on 15th August 2016, on the eve of India Independence Day.

    Members, Kindly avoid posting unnecessary/irrelevant responses to this thread.

    So far, I have taken note of following members from the last thread.

    Soundharya - Tamilnadu
    Krishna - Andhra Pradesh
    Pawan Kumar - Punjab
    ar - Telangana
    Partha - West Bengal to Delhi (a shift)
    Naresh Kumar Behera - Odisha
    @ Update
    Sushma - Karnataka

    Members are requested to cooperate to create a trouble free ISC India Map.

    The second edition of ISC India Map is attached herewith to have a view.

    second edition
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    What if someone wants to get his/her name removed from the map? Does he have any option?

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    Yes. If a member wishes his/her name to be removed from the ISC map, they may post their request here. Their name will be removed forever.
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    15th August is Independence Day, not the eve of it.

    Managing Editor,

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    Firstly, I posted my previous response in this thread before you could issue your diktat.
    Secondly, Sun, has used the words "some members unnecessary intrusion" in this thread only which are targeted towards me. I object to that. Who is provoking whom? Could you clarify that.
    Thirdly, why cannot I post a response here, if I 've a genuine query related to the map?

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    If the query is indeed genuine like the one you posted in your first response here, that is fine. Do not post other irrelevant stuff like asking about the words in Sun's text in this thread. Ignore it.

    I have repeatedly requested members: Please do maintain some forum etiquette irrespective of what others are doing. So I do not want to see any more derailing of this thread on your part. You asked a query & got an answer. Now simply state whether or not you want your name to be on the map. That is all.

    Managing Editor,

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    Sun, I responded in the previous thread to add my name in the ISC map. Looks like my response went unnoticed.
    Kindly add my name and I am from Bangalore, Karnataka.

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    Sorry. It was a slip. You are there in Karnataka. I have updated my message with your good name.

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    I also want my name to be shifted from Rajasthan to Mumbai as now my permanent address is in Mumbai only.
    Please do the needful for that.


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    Padmini. It will be done. Rajasthan's Padmini will now be a Mumbaikar.
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    Please add my name in ISCmap Neelam joshi from Uttrakhand.
    I also have querry wether the members need to mention their districts or city also.
    Will this information also br added in the ISC Map

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    Neelam - It has been clearly mentioned by the author of the ISC India MAP in the thread itself that only the name of the state is required to be mentioned. The size of the MAP not being too large, practically it is not possible to include the name of the districts also.
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    I would wish to see my name on the map. I am from Goa.
    By the way, is there any other member on ISC hailing from Goa?

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    Neelam, You will be placed inside Uttarakhand.

    Timmappa, You will be placed inside Goa. About other members from Goa, look at the second edition of ISC India Map and understand it.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    There is no one representing Goa in the current map. That is the sole reason for my volunteering for my name to be included. The question about other members from Goa was just an afterthought.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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