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    Don't use food parcel using plastic cover.........

    Hello friends,

    We all have the habit of having food in restaurants or having chats on footpath. If we cannot have there we get parcel from that place. The parcel is always packed in plastic covers where now everywhere its banned. Sometimes when we bring hot food items packed in plastic box or small plastic cover just observe the smell. It will have a slight bit different odour of plastic burnt and even the plastic box or cover will have become soft that means a part of plastic is already mixing in food. When we consume such harm full food items just imagine about our health. Even after eating I have seen many people throwing it out just randomly. So I feel its better we take a box from house and get the liquid parcel packed in that so by having such a good practice we are protecting the environment as well maintaining our city clean.

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    I really appreciate the author for recalling the value of food and the effect of plastic carry bags on our health. Same thing we must be acquainted with while taking tea in tea-stalls. Please avoid using tea in plastic cups; try to make habit of glass or paper cups. Taking any hot food in plastics causes to cancer, this is already educated in social Medias. We must remind other about this. First we need to stop using plastics and then educate others about it.
    Ban Plastic, Can Lasting!

    Naresh Kumar
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    Not only solid or semi-solid food items but even piping hot tea is also delivered in thin plastic bags by the roadside vendors particularly at the work site. I have once witnessed one such scene in the posh locality of Lucknow, where at a house construction site, tea was being delivered in such a manner.
    The quality of plastic used in inferior in such cases as mostly second grade plastic is used for the manufacture of the cheaper quality of plastic bags. Low molecular weight substances such as stabilisers, plasticisers, antioxidants and monomers from plastic packing materials are transferred to the edible items particularly at higher temperatures and thus contaminate it. Once ingested such chemicals contribute in causing medical conditions like kidney and throat ailments, cancer and infertility.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In Hyderabad the awareness of plastic has been created well and even many violators were booked. Now they are using the Isthara leaf which is nothing but Badaam leaf. Either single are woven, only the leaves are used to serve the snacks and tiffin items. If you want some items to be hot then aluminum foil paper is used to keep the stuff hot till you reach the destination. But in Tamil Nadu there are many hotels which serve the food on plantain leaf and that is easy to dispose off as much water is not required to wash the plate and glass tumblers. But carrying a utensil from our home to the hotel to fetch the tiffin items would be recommended as that would be hygiene.
    K Mohan
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    It is the mistake ours only we ourselves addict to use the plastic items in our daily use by saying much more convenient and also by laziness to carry vessels or cloth bags for our purchasing. In earlier days,(in our child hood) we used to carry vessels for bringing sambar from hotel on purchase of food items.They pack the food items in leave and wrapped in papers. Even though they are doing like that the dosa when packed in leaves got smell as they packed the same with heat. Now if we only stop buying food items through plastic by buying the same in vessels only we can stop the plastic disaster otherwise it is a waste by banning or punishing the vendors.
    Secondly the paper cups. They are also dangerous as one of my friend told in one office a girl was complained sever stomach pain and on clinical observations it was found that some wax accumulated in the stomach and later it was observed that the same was derived from the regular usage of paper cups as they were coated for resisting heat.
    Unless otherwise we control ourselves or prevent ourselves there is no solution.

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    Plastics are harmful to health when consumed. Plastics melt so fast such that even the temperature of the hot food is enough to melt plastic. The melted plastic mixes with the food and causes health problems ranging from minute to severe when eaten. It is better to limit the usage of plastics. This awareness s being created among people now a days. Billboards etc,. saying to use cloth covers instead of plastic covers are increasing. Surprisingly, some people are following it and reducing the usage of plastics.

    Let us continue learning.

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