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    Why "TOW" topic is absent from the last week of July

    I was waiting for the TOW Topic announcement for the last week of July but its still absent.
    It is really a great fun as well as learning to read many threads focused on same topic.

    Are we likely to miss the topic based TOW contest this month?
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    We are still in July. We have two days (30 and 31 July ) to get into August. I think you are talking about the TOW for the last week of July. Tomorrow is the last Sunday of July and that is the right day to announce the TOW topic, I am sure. You can wait for Pranita's announcement tomorrow.

    @ Update: I found your August corrected as July after posting my response.

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    Thanks a lot Sun for correcting my silly mistake. I am still smiling on what I have done. Actually I was planning for next month's office work and hence mentioned it as 'August'.
    Thanks once again.

    Is it like last Sunday of the month or last week of the month? Anyways, if it is last Sunday, then probably we will get the announcement thread on time.


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    ISC week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. So the last week for TOW commences on Sunday the 31st July 2016 and ends on Saturday the 06th August 2016. Pranita must be in the process of thinking and selecting a suitable word for the TOW now.

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    Surely ISC shall announce a new Tow topic keeping in view the present trend of happenings in the country and abroad. Just wait for today or tomorrow and it shall be announced.
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    This July is one of the very few months where we are getting 6 weeks (4 complete weeks and 2 part weeks).
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    As Padmini has intuition this time that she had asked why topical TOW has not announced and even now(though the date of ISC is still another half-a-day is available) the topic for TOW is not announced.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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