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    Reports of traffic jam from different cities

    Very often we come across a report or a photograph about traffic jams in different cities. Today there is photograph from Gurgaon which shows thousands of motor vehicles stranded on a junction. Report says it is the worst-ever traffic jam. This is from the Delhi- Gurgaon Expressway. The reason stated is heavy rain.
    These traffic jams are to a great extent due to the addition of vehicles on the roads. Many of our roads cannot carry these many vehicles. Our Governments should come forward to improve the road conditions or must control the production of vehicles. People also can contribute by controlling the use of own vehicles, they should try to travel in public vehicles as far as possible and take own vehicles in emergencies only. Also people can try sharing vehicles if going in the same direction. All these not only reduce the vehicle population on roads but also help reducing the air pollution. Individuals can save money also.
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    Yes I have also seen that photograph in the Deccan Chronicle paper and that was a huge traffic jam. What I feel that the so called flyovers are not providing for under ground drainage to clear the storm water and thus the water is clogged on the road itself and that results in heavy traffic jam. Just now I was coming from Mehdipatnam in Hyderabad and I was traveling below the Masab Tank flyover. It was drizzling and the water accumulated on the flyover is being open to ground without any proper concealed pipe to connect the same to a drainage. As a result many two wheeler drivers are bound to drench from the rain water and also water from the flyover.
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    Though Government can anytime take a policy decision to stop the manufacture of vehicles, but no such decision can be taken by any Government worth its salt to stop the production of humans. There is no respite from population growth. We can very well remember the steps taken by the Indira Gandhi Government during the days of the emergency. The forced sterilizations of people is often attributed as one of the causes of the debacle of Indira Gandhi Government subsequently.
    Having said that, there is not much scope for widening the roads in already fully developed areas. On either side of the road, highrise buildings/inhabited areas are existing and demolishing the same for the widening of the roads, never seems a prudent solution.
    As soon as any new bypass road is constructed, on either side of the same also encroachment starts taking place sooner than later.
    During monsoons, the otherwise encroached roads get further narrowed due to water logging etc.

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    Traffic congestion in many cities are common now. There may be the reasons that are due to increase in vehicular usage. But who is the culprit- are the manufactures of such vehicles? In many places we, commuters ourselves can see that the two wheeler drivers are inserting their vehicles amidst the big vehicles and hinder much to all vehicles totally by suffering themselves. The only solution to reduce the traffic jam is the two wheeler, auto drivers should follow lane driving and should avoid overtaking and use alternative routes.

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    One of the main reasons for traffic jam during monsoon session is urban flooding. I would request the Members to go through the following thread to have some idea about the new menace:-
    Beware of urban flooding-a new but very dangerous disaster!

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    In my opinion, these traffic jams are due to the excessive use of cars etc,. When I lived in Hyderabad about 4 years ago, I used to see only one person in one car. Clearly, such people are the cause for traffic jams. And during rains, vehicles need to slow due to the water on roads thereby leading to traffic jams. If bikes etc,. are used more, the chance for traffic jam reduces. When I came to know about this huge traffic jam, I was shocked. Following traffic rules whenever needed, using vehicles according to the work helps in reducing the chances for traffic jams which are a problem to people living nearby etc,.

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