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    Its cold like weather in Hyderabad. Feels like eating Mirch Bajji or other hot snacks.

    In Hyderabad the road side vendors would be having hay day during monsoon and cold climate as every passerby would like to have Mirchi Bajji or other hot items being made. It may be samosa, kachori, bread pakoda, palak pakoda and onion pakoda. But these are the regular items we see at different location in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. I want members to share the famous hot snacks during cold season in their areas. If possible please also share how it can be made for the benefit of the members.
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    We have Paruppu Vada or Masala vada (chana dal), Urd dal Vada, Onion Pakoda, Keerai Vada (Palak) Milagai Pajji(Mirchi), Onion Bajji, Brinjal Bajji, potato Bajji, Pazhampuri, Athirasam, Murukku, Navathanyam mix, Sweet cake, Netrakai/Banana chips, potato chips. Topiacco chips.

    All the above are hot items that are fit for monsoon days, to eat and feel the warm during the chilly weather.

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    We should avoid taking street food as far as possible. Though the deep fried items sold by the roadside vendors are safer in the sense that at high temperature, most of the disease causing germs are likely to get killed, it is better to avoid the same also due to other reasons, because the medium used for killing the germs as well as harming the humans has always been questionable.
    Perhaps they make the 'bhajia' etc. more spicy so that the quality of the cooking medium/oil get camouflaged in the same and could not be detected easily. The 'mirch bhajia' may prove best for the purpose.
    It is always advisable to restrain from the temptation of taking street food at all times, but more particularly during monsoons.
    'Ghevar' is a traditional sweet, which is generally more visible in the month of 'Shrawan' i.e. July-August in north India. Many mouth varieties like plain, 'mawa' and 'malai' 'Ghevar' are seen in the market these days.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The tragedy lies in our perceptions with respect to awareness of quality of foods. It has been general belief of most of Indian people that any item consumed in fresh state should not pose any health - issue. With such a misconception we would not hesitate in visiting street shop keeper to enjoy the palatable dishes offered by them. It should be the prime task to the authorities of the schools to impart right training to the pupils for the right foods benificial to health. Such training would deter them from the street foods often causing stomach cramps, liver - disorder, diarrhoea ad dysentery. Cholesterol, too, is the main culprit due to addiction of such foods. We should all inculcate the healthy culture be it food or otherwise.

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