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    Importants tips to be followed when you have a small child in your home

    Have a toddler or a small kid at home? Here are some important tips among many others that one need to be careful about.

    If you have a small child in your home, whether you are a parent or otherwise, you should be very careful in many things, especially in the following:
    1. All items such as blade, knife etc should be kept out of their reach.
    2. We ourselves must watch the floor and corners of every place in the house for cleanliness and if we find any paper bit or stapler pin or safety pin etc., we should remove them without any second thought or ask others to remove the same.
    3. All plug sockets should be covered with the cap available in electrical parts shops. Recently a man put his mobile in charge, on receiving a call he took the mobile without switching off the power. His one year old child took the wire of the charger and put the loose end into the mouth and was electrocuted.
    4. Without any hesitation or laziness the clothes of kids should be disinfected using Dettol.
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    In developed countries like the US, there is a concept and trend of 'childproofing', the house. It simply means making the surroundings safer for children by restricting them to safer areas and preventing children from reaching unsafe areas.
    One of major concern is to prevent the children from possible electrocution by inserting metal objects like keys or paper clips into open electrical sockets. Devices like simple plastic units to insert in the sockets or plastic caps to cover the sockets and sliding type of outlet covers are available for making the electrical sockets safe for children.
    A pool fence is used to barricade access to the swimming pool area.
    Another step in childproofing is to restrict the physical access to small objects which may pose choking hazards, sharp items, and breakable items like a glass vase or even ropes, cables and plastic bags which may pose a possible strangulation hazard.
    Similarly, the access of the children to medicine chests, chemical products, and fire prone areas is restricted.

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    I find this thread extremely useful. I thank the author, Mr. Pattabiraman for raising this useful thread. No sharp object should be kept near the children. Lose electrical wires are very dangerous. The bottles of medicines and chemicals should be tightly capped. Hot water or cooked food and match boxes must be kept away from the children. Dettol and Burnol must be kept handy.

    I recommend new parents to read this thread carefully.

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    Nice tips given by the author as to how we must keep the things out of reach from the small children at home who have the investigating abilities and wants to know about every thing we are using at home. One of my relative son has seen his grand father taking homeo pills often and he used to ask the same for taste but he wont give. The child got fury over that and he would be adamant to have the taste of the pill. When the child grand father was taking bath and grand mother was busy at the kitchen, this kid opened the medicine drawer and consumed some pills as it was evident from the fact that so many were strewn on the ground. Immediately he was taken to the doctor for consultation. The homeo doctor has given him some other pills to stop the reaction of earlier pills taken by the child. So this incident has sent ripples in the family. They have decided not to do anything in front of that child who can do any nuisance at any time.
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    Small children should not be left unattended. Accidents happen when little ones are left unsupervised. Children are inquisitive by nature, they love to explore and get into areas that are out of bounds.
    Apart from what has been listed above, the house should be made childproof.
    1. Sharp edges should be covered – especially table tops and coffee table etc. These furniture items are the right height to injure a child on the face/head.
    2. Table covers should not be left hanging – children learning to stand/walk often hold these to support themselves. They can pull the sheet and bring down the contents on the table.
    3. Buckets/tubs/drums filled with water should be kept in a space that has a door that can be latched or cordoned off.
    4. Balconies should not have furniture or items that children can climb atop. I know of accidents where children plunged to death after climbing a piece of furniture to look over the railing in the balcony.

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    Well, there is no child in my house. But, I came to know some useful tips due to this thread and the above responses. Small children, especially babies must not be allowed to hold small objects like coins etc,. are babies are prone to swallow such objects. Also, they must be watched carefully to avoid potential dangers due to small things.

    Let us continue learning.

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