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    Beware of urban flooding-a new but very dangerous disaster!

    Day before yesterday, Gurugram (Gurgaon) witnessed an unprecedented traffic jam due to sudden and heavy water-logging of roads. Chennai witnessed a very severe flood this year itself. Sudden flood of Srinagar was unprecedented and the first in last 75 years. The devastating flood of Uttarakhand is known to everybody.

    Urban flooding is a new disaster. Human beings are only responsible for this. Neglect of sewerage system year after year, choking of sewerage and drainage system, population explosion and consequent establishment of unplanned colonies and increasing use of plastic are responsible for this danger.

    Not only short-term destruction and devastation, urban flooding is the reason for mutation of new bacteria and virus. It would become alarming in another 20 years in India and other densely populated countries of the world.

    Beware of urban flooding!
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    Urban floodings are man made disasters. As a matter of fact, urbanisation is unnatural. Originally the God made earth is porous in nature. After rains, the porous earth absorbs the water naturally. However, due to urbanization, the porosity of the earth is totally lost. In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, it is difficult to find non-concreted or non-cement plastered earth for longer stretches. The available porous land in parks, lawns etc. is not sufficient to absorb the downpour. If we see the ratio of loose earth and paved/concreted/cement plastered earth, then the results will be quite revealing. The drainage system is never able to manage heavy downpour in shorter durations. Such a scenario results in a flood like situations in urban areas. Clearing the choked drainage system never proves sufficient as the same is not designed to contain a very large volume of water in shorter duration.
    In Mumbai, reverse flow of sea water occurs in the city during tide period.

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    There are many reasons for the urban flooding. The first and the foremost is the practice of having median on main roads. This median is causing problems as the water logged either side wont go any where and there is no proper storm water drainage outlets to carry the water to the main canal. Moreover on sides of every road, it was cemented by the authorities and there is no sight of mud seen any where. That means there is no chance for the rain water be absorbed by the mud nor it has the out let to get rid of that place. So planners must keep this in mind and design the roads in such a way that water should no stay on the roads and especially at the end of the flyovers.
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    Most of the cities in India don't have a proper drainage system and population is increasing day by day. All the water that is collected on terrace fills the roads during heavy rains due which we can see traffic jams in most of the big cities these days.

    I have lived in cities like Chandigarh which has the best drainage system and these things don't occurs there because rain water has enough place to travel out of the city. I hope all the Indian cities were made on that model. There is another city Jamshedpur or Tatanagar which is also very well planned city with good drainage system.

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    We, the humans are to be blamed for the urban flooding disasters. In most cities, we can observe that the drainage systems are improper. When it rains, the rain water and the drainage water mixes and flows on roads. Many people walk on the roads with such water. This may lead to skin infections, the best case or even harmful diseases, the worst case. I came to know about the Gurgaon traffic jam last night. The other incidents too are due to the improper management only. There is still a chance for humans to eradicate this human made disaster and it would be better if measures are taken accordingly.

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