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    RSB Day, Pay Day and Timmy's Days the VIDs of ISC

    When I joined ISC, I knew nothing about ISC's Revenue Share Bonus. It was a great surprise to me when I noticed Rs. 267/- as my cash earning in May 2011. It took many days to realize that I was awarded RSB for the month of April.

    The RSB used to be announced during the last week of the month preferably on 23rd of the following month. Gradually the RSB announcing day moved further and it has now reached towards the last day of the month. Today is 30th July and RSB has not been announced. I am sure, Mr. Timmy John would announce it on 31st July. He would also make the monthly payment on 01 August 2016. I think, Mr. Timmy John has selected the last day of the month to announce RSB, and the First day of the month to announce ISC payment. It makes him to be busy on the last day and first day of the month only. I think he combines these two activities to save time and energy.

    So I would give the following title to the last day of the month as 'RSB DAY' and the first day of the month as 'PAY DAY' Both the days will be collectively known as 'TIMMY's DAY' (This is to be noted for ISC quiz) VID means - Very Important Day.

    Any comments, members.
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    It seems tabulating the list of eligible members of top 20 contributors for RSB is the big task for Timmy we have to give time for that. One thing is sure, he never missed announcing the same and as the payments.
    K Mohan
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    It will be simple if both tasks (announcing revenue share bonus and payments) are done at once. I think that's the reason Mr. Timmy John announces revenue share bonus and payments on last and first days of month. I came to know about revenue share bonus in this month itself. As I am in the top 20 contributors of June, I am eagerly waiting the revenue share bonus announcement which is done today. I am very happy with what I received but I don't understand how the revenue share bonus is allocated to each member. And, could you tell me what is ISC quiz?

    Let us continue learning.

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    ISC has Rs. 10000/- as a stock to distribute it as Revenue share bonus for a month to its eligible members who remain on top of top 20 members as per the points scored. This Rs. 10000/- is distributed to the members as per their points earned. The total points earned by the top 20 members are added up and Rs. 10000 is divided by the total number of points to know the value of one point.

    For e.g - The total points earned by top 20 members - 20000.
    The sum held for distribution Rs. 10000/-
    Value of each point = 10000/20000 = 0.50 paise

    Supposing you are the 9th member with 1000 points to your credit. You would get Rs. 500/- as RSB for that month.

    @While calculating the points for RSB, the points earned through Articles section get doubled up for this purpose.

    Supposing you earned 500 points from Forum section. You earned 250 points through Article section. This 250 will be multiplied by 2 to make it 500. So the total point earned by you would be 500 + (250 x2) = 1000 points.

    Is it clear to you? I tried my best to convince you regarding RSB calculation. Any more doubt?

    ISC Quiz is nothing but a quiz as and when someone feels to conduct a quiz. Generally, I conduct such quizzes with sheer interest.

    Q. What is the RSB day - Ans. The last day of the month
    Q. What are Timmy's day - Ans. The first day and last day of a month.
    Q. What is the Pay day - The first day of the month.

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    Thank you Mr. Sun. I now understand how the revenue share bonus is given. I know about the distribution based on points but I don''t know about the double factor for articles and the total amount Rs. 10,000.

    Let us continue learning.

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