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    Do you practice the 'ladies first' etiquette?

    The rules of conduct in society are known as etiquette.
    It is deemed a correct behaviour to give ladies precedence e.g. while passing through a door or other narrow passage or serving food or drinks at a table.
    'Women and children first' is another concept applied in the situations of emergency or a life threatening situation e.g. in wartime or when on a sinking ship etc.
    However, according to another school of thought, the infirm individuals like injured, elderly and young children should get precedence.
    What are your comments about the subject matter?
    Do you practice the 'ladies first' etiquette?
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    Ladies first etiquette has been followed since many era and the same legacy was pass on to us. There is nothing wrong to give for ladies first and then we get the chance. When you stand at the queue for reserving tickets to any train journey and only one lady was present, surely we would oblige her to take the ticket first and then all of would follow. In buses too when there are no seats in ladies side and if they happen to come to gents side, we shall oblige to give them the seat. If the lady is carrying a child then it is imperative to give a seat no matter we can stand for a while. By giving respect to the ladies even the society would appreciate us and even that lady.
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    I generally try to follow 'Ladies first' custom since my childhood. I had to learn the lesson a hard way. I still remember that at an age of 15, my left eye-brow had to be given 3 stitches due to one of my special activities in school! After the stitch in my father's office hospital, I was returning with my father in a crowded tram. Somehow I managed to get a seat. However, only after 1/2 stop(s), a pregnant lady came and stood in front of me. My father forced me to vacate my seat and offered the same to the lady. Although at that time I was extremely offended, now I feel proud of my father.
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    I do not see this happening. 'Ladies first' remains just a phrase. Not many people apply it in the real sense. Here are some examples –
    1. Watch how people rush to get into a bus or train or elevator. They push and jostle, without much regard to anyone around them.
    2. The same happens when you approach an escalator. People suddenly quicken their pace, to be able to get on it, before anyone else does. Wonder what is waiting for them at the top!
    3. I have seen the same thing happen when looking for a seat in a crowded food court or elsewhere. No one gives you their seat – not even to a lady with silver in her hair.
    4. Opening doors and holding them open for others to pass is another courtesy that I do not see happening.
    5. Check the way people rush to the food counters at a wedding reception. They push and shove and behave worse than beggars.

    These are just a few examples. It is only among the armed forces that I have observed women being respected. In all other interactions, people could not care less.

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    In the cases of war, sinking ships etc., it is better to follow the ladies first etiquette. There, the precedence should be ladies, children > others = elders. In the case like queue for boarding a bus, getting a movie ticket etc,. it is not necessary to follow the ladies first etiquette. I don't intend to be offensive here. Here, the precedence should be elders > ladies, children > others. And, ladies are already allocated special seats in buses, special lines to movie ticket counters etc,. As most elders are physically weak when compared to others, they should be given the highest priority. I follow the ladies first etiquette accordingly.

    Let us continue learning.

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