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    God is our good, better, best and true friend in our life - A friendship day greeting.

    [This entry is the 1st prize winner of the friendship day creative writing contest]

    Friend is a word that cannot be forgotten in my life. I had a childhood friend named Madaswamy. We studied together from std I to SSLC. We were the bench mates. I had an excellent handwriting that he always admired and envied. After our SSLC, I got a job in a bank and was posted in Andhra Pradesh. Madaswamy continued his higher studies and became a teacher in a local school. Since I got settled in Andhra Pradesh, I could not meet my friend Madaswamy for many decades. One fine day, I happened to visit Tiruchendur Lord Sri Subramanya Swamy temple. There I could meet my friend Mr. Madaswamy with his good wife. We were surprised and had no words to express our feelings. When we parted , Madaswamy asked me to send a greeting card on friendship day to see my handwriting. I agreed. I improvised my own self-designed greeting card with a good art in it. I wrote the following greetings:
    Dear Madaswamy,
    My sincere friendship day greetings.
    We might be worried and troubled about everything, wondering and fearing what tomorrow will be. We would long to tell someone about our problems. There is only one place and only one friend who is never busy and will be waiting to receive us with his open arms. He is the God who is our friend. On this friendship day, let us seek Him and find Him at the altar of prayer. May God bless you and be with you in all your endeavours in your life, my friend . God is our good, better, best and true friend in our life.

    I posted the greeting card three days prior to the friendship day to ensure that Madaswamy gets my greetings on the right day the friendship day. While I was also awaiting a greeting card from Madaswamy where I wanted to see his renewed handwriting, the postman came with a telegram which read "Madaswamy reached the heavenly abode." I was stunned. I packed up my luggage and rushed to join the funeral procession to pay homage and to bid farewell to my dear friend Madaswamy to reach the heaven. Before the funeral procession, while we were getting ready, the postman of that area came and handed over a greeting card addressed to Madaswamy. Alas! It was the same greeting card that I sent to Madaswamy. While the funeral pyre was set by his son, I placed the greeting card on his body, cried and said," Oh My dear friend, I wanted you to seek the blessings of the God who is our best friend in life. Alas, you left us to be with your true friend in the heaven. Just read my last greetings and wonder my handwriting, my dear friend." I could feel Madaswamy smiling and reading my greeting card and telling," Thank you, Your greeting and your handwriting is marvellous. I still envy your handwriting, my friend."
    friendship greeting card

    @ This is my entry for ISC's 'Me..a friend to friend friendship day greeting card.....' competition.
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    Very thought provoking thread and it is true that at the time of problems and redress we always approach God and bonding with God is the good attitude and the creativity was shown in best.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It is a thought-provoking and appropriate story. Yes, God is our best friend. We must communicate our every thought (of hope, despair, happiness, sorrow, sympathy, apathy, everything). I have enjoyed the story.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    My Guru use to tell in his satsang about the nature of God as below:
    God nothing but our father. A father knows well what to offer to His child, when to offer, How to offer. Without knowing we, as child, asking this and that to Him. He also heed to our requests if is suitable to offer in addition to His own.
    Like this, we, ourselves, as a father buy many things to our children but in spite of this they are asking us this and that and we also arrange to buy for them and refuse if not suit to offer at that time or for ever.

    Moreover, God will never give us directly on our request but gives through some other mode. Similarly, God never tell us directly anything but through some others' voice. I myself realized (yes, we have to realize only the offer of God). Once I went to Udupi where I admitted my relative for treatment in a big Ayurveda Hospital in the outskirts of Udupi. On the day of admission, evening I went to Udupi Krishna Temple for Darshan. When I was standing in the queue I mentally prayed to Lord Krishna for the quick and better relief without any problem to my relative,who have got admitted, with worry. But to my surprise, some two persons stood in the queue behind me telling themselves,'vichaar na kare, sub teek ho jayega!'. On hearing this words I believed the same as voice of Lord Krishna. Accordingly within a weeks time, he got cured and discharged from the hospital.
    I heard a story also in this connection. A poor boy,unemployed, once stood in a temple before shrine and openly prayed the God for 500 rupees for his job application. A man who heard this prayer on his pradhakshina, intended to help him silently. He searched in his packet and found only 300 rupees, so he kept the same in a cover and gave the same to the boy on completion of his pradhakshina, by telling him that the cover was given by God and went. The boy came out of the shrine and opened the cover and found the 300 rupees and immediately he came back to the shrine and told the God,'Oh God! Thanks for your offer but a small request , if you are giving anything, give the same directly to me and not through anybody; see that person took commission of 200 rupees'. By hearing his this words, the man who offered money laughed himself and went out.

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    My sincere thanks to my virtual friends Mohan, Partha &, Ramu for appreciating my friendship day greeting card entry. I also thank the members who read my thread and forgot to post their views comments and appreciation. Thanks a lot.
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