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    Do you give relatively more importance to some authors of ISC?

    When I first joined ISC, I used to give equal importance to all Members. I used to read each and every Forum thread very minutely. With the passage of time, I have developed some idea about the writing and writing style of various Members (of course, I am talking about old/senior Members). With the passage of time, I have started developing preferences. I try to read the threads of the Members first whose writing styles are my favourites.

    My question is for senior Members of ISC: Do all of you have your favourite authors in Forum section? Do you prefer to read their posts first?

    (This question is related to Forum post only.)
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    I had not given this much thought, but since you brought this to the discussion table I did some 'introspection' and came up with the following –

    1. I get drawn to a post by its title. I respond to it if the subject is interesting and I have an opinion on it.
    2. Some authors' posts are known to contain bizarre content. I go through those, (maybe) just for a chuckle or to post an appropriate response.
    3. I read posts where gender disparity is obvious and generally question the biases that the society has.
    4. I go through posts that advise us on what to do – be it from the management or learned members, doling out free advice.
    5. Posts with facts (though some of them are often disproved) get my attention – for the simple reason that someone needs to validate these facts.
    6. I deliberately avoid responding to a particular member's posts. Whether they are in the general forum or directed at me, either openly or clandestinely. The individual lacks social graces and hence does not deserve my attention.

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    I give importance to the thread title, not the author. So there is no question of my favorite author at ISC. I don't miss to read any contest thread or anything related to fun. Generally, I go through all the threads posted in the ISC forum and respond as much as possible. However, I avoid responding to two guys at ISC who feel great at ISC. They are the thick headed personalities of ISC. Unfortunately, they drag me into the thread to have an unpleasant discussion and lose my points.
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    So far two responses have been received. None of them has any favourite writer in ISC. What about the others?
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    My favorite author is Tony John. Whenever any thread or response appears bearing his brand name, I pounce upon that for the simple reason that the same is bound to contain something important and useful.
    Apart from the contents posted by the members of the editorial team, I read the contents posted by the author Juana to relish the quality of English language and sensible content also.
    My other favorites authors are Venkiteswaran Ji, Vandana, and Saji Ganesh.

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    To be frank, I do not have any favourite as far as the thread authors in the forum section are concerned. I go by the thread title and the content therein. There are certain threads I do not visit at all because the thread title itself drives me away. Not because it has any negativity, but just because the topic does not interest me.

    However, I have a liking for what some authors post. Not that they are my favourite over others. I just like the quality of their responses.

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    If I were to have the preference of authors, then there cannot be so many responses from my side for the various posts raised by the junior and senior authors. I have the advantage to visit this site early in the morning and at that time so many threads which were raised late night would be wanting for response. So that gives me the pleasure to attend to it first. Moreover the title of the thread also attracts for any response first. If the post is easy and can have ready answer from my side, I would not miss that thread. There are some authors who raise a good title and the content there in not explained properly, in that case going by thread heading would be my choice.
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    As per me I don't go with the name or reputation in ISC. The thread which attract me, I reply and in which I feel I can't justice with my reply, I leave. I have no habit to jump and post in each and every thread. It really doesn't matter for me if it posted by any so called expert or a new member. When I feel I need to response, I do that.

    Though I have my preference to those whom I know for long and I know their post doesn't come without their own analysis. Naming here would not look good because I have learned from each and everyone here. And I see equally to all, everyone have their own style to bring out their thought in ISC.

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    For me there is no favourite author but my responses are very limited as I mostly like reading and hence here also I read the title,content, responses from others and only when I feel I have something to respond I will respond. If I say favourite means that is only with subject and not with authors.
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    I read almost every forum thread but respond only to the ones about which I know/learnt something. I always respond to winner announcement threads. There are no favorite authors for me. I learn form threads raised by senior members. I always respond to threads raised by new members as I like to give them a proper guidance to learn and earn from ISC. I give the highest priority to threads raised by new members than the threads raised by senior members.

    Let us continue learning.

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