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    A Telugu poem on good friendship and its translation in English!!

    Telugu poem verse like this...

    sajanudi durjanidi mythri bedhamu ela gurthichalana
    logada natyamanula prathiba gurthichataku koraku sarvobhoumudu oka pradarsana nirvahinche natyamanula keli lo swalapa andhala ravali vadalipoyini variki nataya mayuri birduniche andhela ravali vale ani atupotulu vunna sajanudi snehamu sarvakalamu vundu adhe gopa mythri kadhara.

    English Translation

    How can we differentiate between a good friend and a bad friend is in previous days the king conducted a competition for the dancers(natyam) in his kingdom how the winner was declare between the two dancers as they asked to dance in different modes(slow,medium,fast) as the dancers ankle necklace bells which will have less fall in ground will declared as a winner and given natya mayuri(peacock dancer) award and absorbed as a dancer in the kingdom(asthana narthaki) similarly true friendship always hold as the Ankle necklace bells(even the dancer dances in fast) the fake or bad person friendship is similar to lost ankle necklace bells(when dancer dances in speed or fast) as they can't bear when they face difficulties or troubles.
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    Wow connecting the old saying golden words on dancers in Telugu with that of true friendship was true recognition to the glory of friendship. If you have good friends around you, you can live for more years.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Good Telugu words and its English translation to understand the good friendship between the two friends.
    No life without Sun ¤

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    Good depiction, Bhushan Ji! Many matters, though same in meaning, told in many languages to reiterate the goodness in human only that too in the form of advice or story. Everything is in our hand to take it or not to take. Among friends there are good and bad. But normally the friend cannot be a bad one unless otherwise he/she acts as friend to deceive the other. We have to be careful from such persons through our realization power. In Tamil there is a story. A lion wanted to kill a ox but the ox was used to pray in group of four. A wicked fox approached the lion as helping and then it makes the four oxes fight themselves and succeeded in this triumph. The four become single by single and lion killed all the four easily. The wicked fox also got feast. Similar people are also among us, we should be very careful.

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    A nice friendship related Telugu poem Mr. Bhushan. Now a days, there are very few chances of having a good friend. People are becoming more and more selfish, greedy. So, most of them don't care when a friend is in a problem. They just care only when a friend is happy and successful. Incidents like these are shown in many movies. A good friend shares both happiness and sadness with his/her friend. Such people are rare these days. What makes me feel bad is that small children are remembering friendship day and exchanging friendship day greeting cards, wrist bands etc,. but adults are not.

    Let us continue learning.

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