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    Why my total point not increasing ?

    I have commented on the post and i also got point for that my total point is not increasing.
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    Babu Saroj,
    When making a query, please be more specific and provide us with the URL so that we can know which post you are talking about. Note that the points do not necessarily reflect in the scoreboard right away. Also, you should use the 'recalculate points' feature at your scoreboard. This feature can be used once per log in session.

    Managing Editor,

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    Thanks madam I got my point actually what is happening with me is that whenever I am commenting to any post, I am getting point for that but my total point was not increasing but now it is increased. Thank you very much madam.
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    As per the latest update, you have scored 104 points from this site so far. Is that the right estimate ? Please remember that after making contributions go to your dash board and refresh the points and cash credits buttons if any thing was increased or not.
    K Mohan
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