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    General question about isc forum

    I am new user and today only i have joined here. I just want to ask how much i can earn here if i do 20 or 30 post daily. what is rate for per post.
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    Surender Singh - You are welcome to the ISC.
    Regarding your specific query, here are no rates as such for posting contents, though you will earn points by posting contents. The points don't represent cash earnings.
    Cash credits are assigned separately by the editors in case they evaluate the posted contents as worthy of being awarded cash credits.
    One may be able to accumulate hundreds or thousands of points but no cash credits at all. In such cases, there will be no earnings. On the other hand, one may earn cash credits on the day of joining itself by posting outstanding contents.
    The author should continue in the forum section for some time and in the meantime explore the various sections of the ISC to learn more about ISC.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Surender Singh ,
    Welcome aboard Indiastudychannel. Your query is about earning from ISC. Yes. You can earn if you have some will power to earn. At ISC, Article writing can fetch you a good handsome sum. If you can write one good article of A4 size, you are sure to get between Rs. 20/- and 30/- depending upon the quality of your article. If you can write five good articles in a day, you are guaranteed a sum of Rs. 100/-per day (30x 100 = Rs.3000 per month) Apart from cash earning you earn points too. The points you earn from article section are doubled up while calculating for Revenue Share Bonus. Revenue share bonus is awarded to members who remain on the top 20 list with their points scored. Your contribution in the Forum section by way of posting messages and responses would enhance your point earning, and would keep you on the top 20 list. ( If you can make good your points beyond 3000, you are sure to earn RSB Rs. 1000/- plus) To a hardworking ISCian, RSB is a blessing, and it is a regular income to any hardworking member. Further, your articles will help you to earn Google Adsense Revenue after reaching gold level. Also, you would earn Rs. 1/- or 2 or 3 or 5 for your answers in the ask expert section and to the forum posts. You can also earn cash by participating in ISC contests, Group discussions as and when announced.

    ISC provides you a good earning opportunity. It is up to you how you make use of the opportunities available at ISC.
    Never try to copy paste your articles. Wish you all the best for a handful earning through ISC posts.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    Surender warm welcome to this site as new member. If you think that you can make money through every post, then that is wrong expectations. Yes through ISC you can earn some decent amount but in a systematic way. For example if you raise a good article on any issue with good heading, nice summary and detailed content, then on approval, a good article can fetch you 100 per post. Please remember that you must post the articles with own knowledge and not copied from other sites. Like wise if you give expert answer in the Ask Expert section, based on the information provided by you , you can earn cash credits. So what I mean to say that by visiting daily and contributing contents here in forum, ask experts, jobs and article sections, you are not going to waste time and at the end of the month some decent amount would have been credited to your profile account. Just visit profiles of main members and get to know their earning potentials.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Welcome Surender to the best site that works on the revenue sharing basis. You seem to be under a wrong impression that the site pays you on a per post basis. That indeed is not the case here. You will continue posting your content in different sections of the site and go on accumulating points. However, the points do not convert into cash credits. To earn cash credits, you need to be quite excellent with good quality posts.
    Another way to earn some good cash credits would be to post answers to the Ask Experts questions posted in the section. If your response really does any kind of value addition, you will be awarded cash credits depending on the quality of your responses. You may also consider writing articles for which you will be able to earn better cash credits if you come with good quality resources.

    You can keep coming up with good quality responses in all the sections together and keep yourself active on the site. You may try to feature your name in the top 20 list of contributors, in which case you will be able to earn RSB - Revenue Share Bonus.

    Wish you a pleasant stay on the site.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    Welcome to ISC Surender Singh. There are different sections in this site to which you can contribute and earn knowledge and money. You can raise a forum thread to start a healthy discussion among members. You can respond to a forum thread expressing your opinion on it. You can ask a question and get answer from experts. You can post an answer and earn points as well as cash credits. You can post previous question papers, job vacancies etc,. You can post articles to earn a relatively high amount of points and cash credits. Note that the points and cash credits are not related. Your contribution gives you points but its quality gives you cash credits. Your earning may be slow in the initial days but it will pick up eventually. So, focus on posting content in forum section first. Once you get habituated, you can post articles, expert answers etc,. The points are not given based on the number of posts. Instead, they are given on the basis of quality of posts. In addition, there are some other ways to earn money form ISC like participating in group discussions and weekly, monthly, yearly awards. Also, an amount of Rs. 10,000 (Revenue Share Bonus) is distributed among the top 20 contributors every month based on their contributions that month. For more information about different sections of ISC, refer the help page. ISC is one of the best sites in the internet where you can learn as well as earn. If you can spend one or two hours in ISC everyday, you can earn a decent income from ISC every month. Hope you will try your best to contribute in ISC in the coming days.

    Let us continue learning.

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