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    Whom do you support in the verbal duel between Barkha Dutt and Arnob Goswami?

    Recently a very hilarious verbal duel is going on between two well-known media personality, Barkha Dutt and Arnba Goswami. While their duel started during the 'Radia tape' days, it has now become more direct, more acrimonious. While Arnab is taking a supportive stance towards the Govt. position in the present disturbance in J&K, Barkha is to some extent supportive to the J&K separatists. The same thing was noticed during the JNU agitation in February-March. While Arnab supported the nationalist elements, Barkha had sympathy for Kanhaiya-Umar Khalid group.

    Now, what is other members' opinion about the ongoing tussle between Arnab and Barkha?
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    I don't think it is a stage managed show to increase TRP of the channels.
    Arnab Goswami is the Editor-in-Chief and News anchor of the Indian news channel Times Now and Barkha Dutt is a group editor with NDTV. She was awarded Padma Shri in 2010 for her coverage in 2004 Sunami. Arnab Goswami has also earned many awards including Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism (TV) in 2010.
    However, there are many other noted television journalists like Rajat Sharma (Padma Bhushan), Vinod Dua (Padma Shri), Prabhu Chawla (Padma Bhushan), Vir Sanghvi, Prannoy Roy and Rajdeep Sardesai (Padma Shri) to name a few.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    These guys are there to earn a lot in lakhs through their discussion, arguments and shouting inside the idiot box. They need no support from the public ( I did not understand your reason for support) while you and I are here at ISC to discuss and argue for no gain. At times we don't get a rupee for our active Group Discussion. We are happy that we get the support of ISC members while discussing a topic.

    Frankly speaking, I do not watch Arnab or Bharkha or any other anchor for that matter. They overact to prove that they are the best and smart guys in this world. They try to insult the leaders by throwing unnecessary/irrelevant questions. They try to claim their superiority over others. At times, I feel it as a drama played by the media. Also, we can see a fish market there on the TV with non-stop shouting by all the participants without any discipline to prove their might.

    I remember an interview of JJ by Karan Tapar. Karan Tapar felt ashamed after the interview.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    With reference to #573423, what does that response has to do with the topic under discussion? I do not find it to be just an incoherent talk by some one who has no clear idea of what's going on around him. Except the first single line, rest of the response is just irrelevant to what the thread author has been trying to discuss. Kudos to the contributor of that particular response for using every thread just to increase his points tally. Keep it up!

    As far as the topic is concerned, I do guess the ideological differences between journalists has existed since long. But, the kind of coverage it receives in the modern age of staying connected round the clock, the professional rivalry goes out of proportion. That is exactly what has happened in this case as well. Increased social media attention and usage of the same by both the parties ( and their supporters) has been the reason the duel has reached the level it has right now.
    Add to it the fact that both Arnab and Barkha are big mouthed people. So, the duel is bound to grow.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    What I feel that there is deliberate attempt by both the media anchors and presenters to pose them high in the society and by raking up confrontation attitude they get attention in the media. The other day I was watching the duel between the two in the Twitter and that really annoyed me. Bharka may be famous, but she cannot undermine the stance taken by Arnob. One thing I could see that after the interview Arnob has taken for the PM, the entire media has envied him for initiating the first ever interview with the PM. So this may be one more reason for Barkha to have confrontation attitude with Arnob. By the way no one can steal the talent of Arnob.

    K Mohan
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    The duel signifies deep ideological division which exists between the media-people. One group belongs to left-of-centre group which used to enjoy every patronage and award till 2014; another one is right-of-centre group which is trying to replace the first group. during the last few years, the first group is mired in various controversies.
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    The confrontation between the two is not going to serve the ailing humanity of any country and as such it does not bear any importance in the Indian context. It is altogether a different issue to remain in limelight by indulging in such discussions which may not produce any fruit ultimately.

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    Media is divided into two groups, one is funded by a person who is related to XYZ party and other media group is funded by a person is in opposition of that XYZ party. Hence, it's all about profit and loss when it comes to private media houses. They are not interested in improving the situation of India and can stoop to any level to earn profit for their media house.

    They can even divide the country or use some provocative language to get back into limelight. The worst part is people are interested in watching such useless dramas which won't help in building the nation.

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