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    Awaiting announcement of winners of Triple Bonus Reward

    When can we expect the final announcement for the triple bonus reward program on study abroad topics that closed on 31-05-2016 - almost 2 months back?
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    I am also eagerly awaiting the announcement of results as well as announcement of next similar contest.
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    Thanks to Mrs. Juana for reminding not only the Editors but also me. Honestly speaking, I totally forgot about the triple reward programme. Now I would eagerly wait for the result, although I know that I am not in the contention for this triple award. At least two Members are way ahead of me.
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    No excuses but the delay is basically because of the number of entries received and the process to check each and every article thoroughly. This thread by Sultan reasonably explains the reason for the delay. With due apologies, we request our members to be patient. The results will be announced at the earliest.
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    In addition to the huge number of entries, my health is also one factor for this delay. Since last few weeks my health condition is not going well. Apologies for the delay.
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    We wish a speedy recovery to the Lead Editor Sultan Mustafijul Hoque.
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