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    Even a strong person would become weak if he has fever and body ache.

    We all boast of our physique and good looks with many abs and six packs. But the same person who is considered the strongest in the family becomes weak and becomes bed ridden mode for the simple reason of fever and body ache. If any person has immunization deficiency, he is sure to get viral related diseases and for that personality does not matter. In the home if one of the family members gets down with fever and body ache, the entire family gets disturbed and shows concern for him or her. What would be the best way to prevent fever and body ache in future? Please suggest some home remedies.
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    Though we fall ill we should manage to some possible extent otherwise if we feel more about our illness, it will kill us totally. If we have will power in us, we can manage (sure we can manage and not get rid of )the pain or illness. I got total spondylisis in may back shoulder, hip and in spine and consulted many doctors including allopath, Homeopath, ayurvedic but they told me the treatment could be manage the pain but not curable due my age factor. However without any feeling I am moving to office and other places and once an Ayurvedic Doctor, who is my friend also, told me that my will power only make me to manage well as nobody believes my illness by mere seeing. Some people shrink themselves even for a small headache. That is true.

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    As far as I recollect, there is no vaccine available for prevention of viral fever. Generally, viral infections are spread by intake of contaminated water or food, inhalation of aerosolized particles or by direct contact. Once the virus enters the body, it multiplies to a level high enough to cause infection leading to symptoms like fever accompanied with fatigue and body ache. If not taken care of, it may cause inflammation of the pharynx, a running nose, nasal congestion, headache, redness of the eyes, cough, muscle and joint pains and a skin rash etc.
    In cases of doubt, pathology tests are carried out to rule out other bacterial infections.
    Viral fever is generally treated with antipyretic and analgesic drugs. Adequate bed rest and fluid intake is advisable in such conditions.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Every family member gets disturbed if one of them gets a fever etc,. If these tips are followed, a person is less likely to get a fever.
    1) Do not eat food in untidy plates, cups, glasses etc,.
    2) Do not inhale polluted air near factories etc,.
    3) Keep your surroundings clean.
    4) Do not stay in high temperature areas for a long time. If you have to, wear a protective clothing.
    5) Try to avoid direct contact with sick people.
    It is better to consume home made foods rather than the outside foods, especially the road side foods. If a person has good hygiene, he is more likely to be healthy.

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    Yes sir, it is indeed true that fevers nowadays have become so dangerous. Dingu, chicken guinea, malaria, so many unnamed viral fevers, drain up all the physical strength of the sufferer and make them bedridden for a long time. viruses are getting stronger and stronger and so are it's vectors. in our part of the world as soon as the rains have begin, water has started to accumulate in pools providing excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes. previously water used to flow through the drains and stagnation was not a problem but as the population rose, people began to build houses, more or less illegal constructions and obstructed the water flow there by causing all the problems. Now viral fevers are rampant here and everyone from small children to the elderly people are suffering.
    All that we can do is to keep ourselves safe from those mosquitoes. I have read about the conspiracy theories about the mosquito repellent companies. I have heard that they actually don't want to eradicate the mosquitoes and don't make their products effective enough to kill the mosquitoes, as shown in their commercials. buying a good quality mosquito net, installing nets on windows and doors and limiting the movement outside at night is a better idea. it is also better to avoid going to places like malls where already infected people may move around. Using hand sanitizers are also good since infected people may touch different surfaces and we might get infected from unclean hands.
    It is also best to avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals as well. I had once made the mistake to go to hospital to visit my friend's relative who was recovering from an operation and ended up getting fever.

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