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    Sleep Paralysis - Have you also experienced it?

    Sleep Paralysis is a feeling where a person is awake in between the sleep but unable to move or talk for few seconds or few minutes. This is a common symptom which has no risk involved.
    I usually would experience sleep paralysis but was unaware of what it is. Unable to move or talk in that situation, I was really worried about what it is and why it happened to me. Recently I read an article about it and got to know that it is common among many people and there is nothing to worry about it.
    Have you also experienced this Sleep Paralysis? If so, how do you deal with it?
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    Some time when I awake immediately from bed ( after an eight hour sleep at night), even I did not able to hold my steps after getting up from my bed,might be I have not awake fully. But with in 5-10 seconds I get fully awakes, and felt that I was not mentally ready to move any where.
    And when ever you feel like this just sit on your bed,or else there is chance to fell down which will cause you hamper of your physical problems, like you might fell down and get some injury.

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    Sleep paralysis may occur either during falling asleep or awakening. The main symptoms of such condition are an inability to move muscles accompanied by hallucinations to which one is unable to react due to paralysis. I think such symptoms are felt when the individuals are awakened, abruptly from a deep sleep also .
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    How long science view this symtoms,i don't know according to science it involves no risk.Let i say you about my father,my father was experiencing such symtoms too from the age of 50.And we were all careless even after knowing this because doctor said no need to worry and given some medicines.After sometimes he again suffered with same symptom.So we moved to traditional treatment, where one man said this symptom would lead him to death.When he said so we all laugh after got back to home saying that is he bigger than doctor and forecast death and again we got careless but one day what happened at the age of 60 or 62 in the morning time he was sleeping and he got silent stroke though doctor said he had high pressure before getting that stroke.But how so earlier he usher the face of death because doctor said he was suffering from last two month.Later, that man who used to do traditional treatment came to our home with our maternal grandma and said the symptom my father was experiencing was the initial stage of of this cause which led him slept ever.And the important thing is that even he didn't know the cause of death is called high preassure,he was a kind of baba.Even i don't believe in such babas but he is very popular and don't even take money for all this.

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    We won't experience a dream physically. I mean, if you are dreaming about kicking someone, you won't actually move your leg. This is due to the phenomenon called atonia in which the muscles of our body relax. When the muscles don't work, we cannot move our hands, legs etc,. Sleep paralysis occurs if we wake up when the phenomenon atonia is still going on. So, we are conscious but we cannot move. There is nothing to worry about sleep paralysis. One in three persons experience sleep paralysis. The common reasons for sleep paralysis are waking up during a dream, high stress etc,. If we get a proper sleep everyday, we are less likely to experience sleep paralysis.

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    During exams when the upconing exam seems to be difficult to me or any new upcoming event of mylife often I suffer sleep paralysis.
    In such situation firstly I find difficult to sleep and if somehow I managed to sleep it seems like I am in a sleep paralysis. And I think its quite normal for many peoples to go through sleep paralysis in such situation I really can't infer wether I am asleep or awake.

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