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    Innocent Friendship day greeting card made for MOM

    [This entry wins a consolation prize for the creative writing contest]

    Friend is a one with whom you share your bond and affection. A friend can be anyone like your mom, dad, sister and not necessarily your classmates and neighbors. And my best and good friend is always my mom whom I can trust closing my eyes. No doubt, I have other friends and have many good friends in my life, but all have their own priorities. They behave and change according to the time. The one friend of mine whose feelings for me are constant and never change is my mom. I can share anything and everything with her without any hesitation and she is always there by my side when ever needed unlike my other friends.
    I still remember the way my sister and I wished my mom on Friendship day and the smile on my mom's face when we wished her. During one Friendship day, my sister had an idea of making a greeting card to my mom and she shared her idea with me to get some help from me. We decided to make the card and post it to our address in her name (Of course, my dad helped us a lot to execute this plan and supported our childish behavior). So we started making a card with sketches and crayons that was with us. My sister being very good in painting started making some good painting on the card. My dad had given us some ideas to make a card and asked us to write something good in the card. I made some colors on the card and we both were trying to fill the card and make it look attractive and lovely. We finished the card and posted it. We were waiting to see our mom's reaction after she sees the card and we were so happy that we made a card on our Our mom received the card and was very happy to see it though not very much surprised. It was later we learnt that mom had already known that we were making cards and the culprit was my dad. Now whenever I remember that incident, I smile at our innocence.
    I thank my mom for being with me and understanding me in every situation I was in. Thank You MA for being a wonderful friend.
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    Sushma, In our home all our relatives, especially our Mother, Father, Brothers and sisters, wife and children play the role of friends. But a friend cannot play the role of the above mentioned roles.

    It is a quite interesting creative story produced by you. But you failed to use the postal mail facilities in your thread which is a requirement for the competition. Instead of placing the card near the TV, you should have spent Rs. 4/- to affix a stamp and post it to your own home addressed to your own mother.

    You still have another 30 minutes to edit your thread. Time now is 2230/3rd August (ISC hrs) 1145/4th August (IST hrs)

    No life without Sun ¤

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    In the relationships like that of a mother-daughter relationship, perhaps the role of a friendship card etc. is limited to fun and enjoyment only. Such relationships are not dependent upon the gestures like making and/or sending a friendship card.
    The best gift to the parents may be to work hard in studies and become self dependent in the due course instead of continuing to be dependent on the parents though the children are never treated as a burden by the parents.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Thank you so much Mr. Sun for correcting me. In fact I just posted the real experience we had and hence mentioned even TV. Now I have tried and made modifications as per conditions.

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    Now I could see the twist in your story to meet the competition. However, It would have had some surprise, if your dad had not told this to your mom. The story has lost its climax scene. Anyway, in your next story, keep some last minute suspense for the readers. Well done.

    No life without Sun ¤

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