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    Do people feel like hugging someone but refrain from doing so at the end?

    It happens with me sometimes. I feel like hugging someone, but refrain myself from doing so, simply due to the reason that I had never hugged the individual in the past.
    Hugging or embracing as an affectionate gesture has always a part of Indian culture. On the occasions of many festivals like Holi and eid, people hug each other.
    Similarly, at the time of welcoming or seeing off the family members, close relatives, and friends, people often hug them.
    What are your observations in general?
    Do people feel like hugging someone but refrain from doing so at the end?
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    I never felt so till today,basically use to do mamaskar.I hug only to them to whom i intend otherwise i never do.

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    Hugging or 'gale milna', 'gale lagna', 'jhappi pana' is common in only some parts of India. It is normal and at times customary to hug relatives and friends – especially those whom we are meeting after a long time. It is practiced in northern parts of India. However, in most states in the southern part of India, I find people are awkward hugging others. I guess it is a cultural thing.

    As for me, I always hug family and close friends. It comes naturally to me.

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    Hugging is always surrounded with controversy when other looks at it in different way. But what I feel that when you like a person, or his talk or her advise, go and hug and express your solidarity and that will increase their potential to do better. In Hyderabad we are habituated to hugging. And tight hugs are done during Ramzan festivity celebrations. This is a different hug. That means one has to change sides for three times to express their wishes through hug. By hugging we send strong signals to the opposite person and that is from the heart. That is why those who are in love expect the opposite gender to have the tight hug and express their commitment.
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    We just cannot hug any person to whom we like to hug out of our affection toward them. They should also be willing and the sentiments should be reciprocal.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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