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    Should a comma be used before the conjunction 'and' in a sentence?

    Maybe, due to ignorance, I was never using a comma after the conjunction 'and'. I used to always write like 'apple, orange and guava' instead of 'apple, orange, and guava'.
    However, recently after installing the tool 'Grammarly', I am always getting an alert to put a comma before the conjunction 'and'. Because of this reason, I have got confused.
    In the contents appearing on various internet resources also, generally, a comma is found used before the conjunction 'and'.
    What is the correct grammar rule regarding such cases?
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    As far as I recall, Ms. Vandana raised a thread on this issue some months back.
    Generally speaking, a 'comma' is not used before the word 'and'.

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    Both the usages are in practice. It is more or less a personal preference!

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    We have been taught not to use a comma before the word and, but Grammarly suggests using a comma before the word and. It is only when there are one or more commas earlier to and.

    Look at these sentences.

    1. Rama, Sita and Lakshmana went to the forest (Here, Grammarly would suggest a comma after Sita)
    2. Rama and Sita with Lakshmana went to the forest ( Here Grammarly won't suggest a comma before the word and)

    We can ignore Grammarly in this respect and refrain from using a comma before the word 'and'. if there is no confusion in the meaning of the sentences formed.

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