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    Even in parched land there is always hope for fertility when it rains.

    I happened to see a image of a parched land probably gone dead without water with so many cracks and a boy sits behind a small sapling which came out of that parched land. On seeing this image we really learn many things connected to the life. When every door is closed for our challenges being faced daily, there is always a hope for a good Samaritan coming to our help in some way or the other and that ignites our desire to live further in this world. So when a parched land can live again with help of one rain, why not we the Individuals with one single help from others and our own effort in different way ?
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    I fully agree with the author. The monsoon brings the sign of life, everywhere in plant kingdom. Even a part of land full of unused/abandoned items, I can see new green (equivalent to new life) in our locality. I always enjoy the way the plant kingdom welcomes the first rain (after a long merciless summer) with open arms.
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    There was a news item that in the Aurangabad district of the Maharashtra, even during monsoon there was water scarcity in certain areas and water is still being supplied in tankers.
    As a matter of fact, hardly few months in the year people feel at ease. During chilly winters we wait for the next season and when the parching summer arrives, then we start waiting for the monsoon. However, monsoon comes with its own peculiarities. Initially, it feels good to see the greenery and plants/trees with a fresh look as if they have taken a bath.
    However, soon the flood like situations get developed in many areas and in the cities traffic jam and water logging like problems arise.
    There are certain areas where average rain is always very low and even during, monsoon there is no respite from the vagaries of nature. People have to suffer throughout the year in one way or the other.

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    We, humans cannot live without hope. When we encounter an obstacle in life, we should try to overcome it with a hope to succeed. Here, being a parched land is the obstacle and rain is the hope. People who don't have that hope are committing suicides. We can hear about such incidents in the news. So, I never stop trying as nothing is impossible.

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    Mother nature is the greatest teacher. The sapling was very much alive but staying dormant, safe in its seed coat, waiting for an opportunity to germinate. as the first rain of the season hit the land, it just seized the opportunity and sprouted up. The seedling never lost hope.
    we humans are also the same. Many people go through various adverse conditions in life, an economically poor student who is a class topper has still hurdles to overcome, if he quits education and takes up a small job, he will remain the same for life, on the other hand if he never lost hope and succeeded in competitive exams and got better education and a job, his life would indeed be different.
    many people have several talents, skills to change the world, all they need is a push, an inspiration and a hope to succeed in life.

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