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    Housemaids are also humans.

    Many Indian households can afford domestic help nowadays and with the fast paced lives it has become a necessity for the homemakers. Housekeeping services are affordable in India due to various practical reasons but the treatment meted out to them is not so good in many houses. Child labour is prominent in the domestic help service area even after laws being on place for preventing little children from being exploited.
    Some people treat their house-help in a very inhuman manner and give them leftover food which they would otherwise throw away themselves! Why this behaviour is the question. Are they not humans?
    They must have come into this situation due to various family pressures, an inability to earn or due to improper education and other social reasons. Why can't they be treated well at least and be given proper food and clothing by our society?
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    Yes, housemaids are also human and we must show them due respect, love and affection. We also pay them in such a manner which should be commensurate with their labour. I have absolutely no doubt about this.
    But sometime the housemaids become more human than others (borrowing the phrase of George Orwell). This initiates the problem.

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    Yes I do agree with the author that house maids are also human beings and they must be treated with respect. I have seen in most of the homes that house maids are treated like bonded labor as even small child dictate terms to her for doing this work first and that work later. I also against the practice of giving away the left over food to them as if they are in dearth need of food. We should identify the dignity of labor. If the labor does right work, he must be paid right salary and right basics. If the master is rude and adamant , there are every chances of maid servants stopping in middle and thus they wont get others in their place as the news spreads fast about the rude behavior of the master. In one of neighbor house the maid was having a small child and she used to bring him also to the work place. But the master wont like it. That forced the maid to stop coming. Even he pleaded her to return back, she wont budge. That is the power of maid servant.
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    It depends on the households concerned as to how they treat their domestic help. I think there are classes in the housemaids also. In posh localities where well to do individuals live, they get different treatment than in the areas where individuals of tight budget live. In any case the women who work as housemaids deserve appreciation as they do hard work to support their family. In few cases, even they support their drunkard husband also who do nothing to earn a livelihood or support their family.
    They work in a family with anticipation to get some additional benefits in various forms , apart from getting leftover food. Often they require financial support in the form of advances and borrowings.
    I think the families who employ such women must do something to support education of their children so that at least their next generation is able to get rid of the practice of working as a domestic servant.

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    I didn't come across any such situation myself but I heard some of such incidents in news. House maids should not be treated like that but I think it is not always wrong in giving leftover foods. In my home, there is less chance for leftovers as my parents are strictly against wastage of food. In case there are any leftovers, they are thrown in the dustbin. Last year, the watchman of our apartment asked us to give any leftover food without throwing it in the dustbin. Likewise, there are some maids who ask for leftovers. Anyways, it is better not to give such leftovers as eating them may lead to health issues.

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    We should respect the work people do and never treat a people and put him down based on what work they do. Yes, housemaid's are also humans and even they deserve to be respected. With their little earning, they are trying to support their families. Instead of choosing a wrong route to earn money like what some people do, they be honest and earn money. No work is small or less which is done in a right way and everyone should treat housemaid in a good manner and help them as much as they can.

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    I read in newspapers that many housemaids in foreign countries are tortured as anything. But silently the same is going on in our places also. Many owners,so called owners, treating their housemaids as slaves. In some houses the housemaids are acting as houseowners by putting conditions by condition. We have one lady in our house only for washing the dishes. My wife used to pour water on the vessels before her arrival. On asking the reason she told that then only the vessels got smoothen without drying and the work would be easy to her moreover our vessels also got cleaned well.On no account we should blame her for our mistake. Moreover, she never put small small items without much need of cleaing as she washed herself and use to tell that the dumping of vessels for servant maid is not good and suppose she could not come for work on that day on any reason, our work load would got accumulated. This is the lesson I learned from her.

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