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    Do people still avail of Value Payable Post (VPP) postal service?

    Do you know about the Value Payable Post (VPP) service that was offered by India Posts? Get an interesting insight into this unique service from this forum thread.

    Nowadays, the online shopping and tele-shopping have become so popular that the footfalls are increasingly decreasing in the markets for physical shopping. However, perhaps the mother of all such services was the Value Payable Post (VPP) of the Department of Post during the bygone era.
    There used to be simple advertisements in the newspapers about certain catchy products and the people used to send orders through a postcard to be sent at a given postal address, generally containing some 'Post Box Number'. The postman used to deliver a parcel on receipt of the payment.

    We used to buy books published by one Delhi based publisher Hind Pocket Books or something like that.

    Do people still avail Value Payable Post (VPP) postal service?
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    The word VPP (Value payable post) got vanished due to Courier service and online sale etc. The newbies may not know what is VPP. They might interpret it as 'Very Poor Product'.
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    There are still some areas where couriers service has not yet reached. VPP may be used in such areas by some of us.
    In today's world where we have seen a new concept called Cash On Delivery, VPP may not be necessary for most of your parcels. Moreover, every service or e- seller has a tie up with the courier service of their choice. Even banks and such entities have their own tie ups. So, it may not be as widely used as it used to be in the past.

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    VPP service is more like 'cash on delivery' service. It has no comparison with courier service.
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    You seem to be forgetting the fact that the courier services have now been offering Cash On Delivery option for the E-commerce sites. The sites like Amazon or Flipkart send the product to those who ordered through courier and collect the cash on delivery.
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    I fear no one may be using this postal service which was once famous and reliable. At the advent of couriers for local, state to state, state to International, the relevant of VPP has lost.
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