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    IMDb released a chart for Top 250 Indian Movies. Is it necessary?

    I open IMDb website almost everyday to know movie news like release dates, teaser/trailer releases etc,. Two days back, I found that IMDb released a chart for Top 250 Indian Movies. I thought it is not official first but later found that it is official. As far as I know, this is the first time for any country. We all know that most Indian movie goers don't vote in IMDb. A few members (like me) vote for every movie they watch. I observed all the Telugu movies in the list and felt that it is not a proper order. Did you observe your language movies in improper order too? Is it necessary to release such a chart for a country where IMDb is not cared much?

    In case you want to view the chart, go to
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    The review for a movie varies from person to person and there are many popular film related websites which focuses on giving a rating for a movie. The rating itself varies from one website to another.

    I don't believe in movie ratings. The rating procedure is completely a waste. Sometimes they give good rating to a worst movie and a below average rating to a good movie.

    The movies which I don't like has its name in the IMDb list of top 250 Indian movies. I was shocked to see the list. To me IMDb's latest chart on top Indian movies is not necessary and the list is not even proper.

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    We cannot undermine the findings of some organizations which are solely working for channelizing information on movies hits , flops and their collections. Today morning only I was watching TV9 Telugu channel which gave the details of biggest block busters that includes even from regional language. The first place was occupied by Bahubali, the second one goes to Kabali, the third place to Srimanthudu and fourth place to A Aa. The findings were based on handsome earnings in the US for the first three days of the release and that would set the trend of hit or flop. So for the first time regional films are doing better than Hindi films overseas.
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