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    Some Specifications of "IPHONE 7 " which is yet to be launched.

    Many customers around the world are looking for new "IPHONE 7" . Some of the features and specifications of "IPHONE 7" are as follows:

    1. The Storage capacity is expected to be a minimum of 32 GB.
    2. New "3D technology Touch feature" will give user a new experience.
    3. The iPhone's are mostly in white, Gold and Graphite colours mostly except iPhone 5C which is a mix of colours. Now, iPhone 7 is also expected to be mix of colours.
    4. Updated camera, quality Audio Jack .
    5. Last vesion of iPhone 6S which has 7.1 mm thickness. But now, iPhone 7 is going to have less thickness than that of iPhone 6S.
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    The quality of Apple iPhones is increasing from version to version. Looks like the iPhone 7 is going to impress more people than the previous versions. The finger print identification is being considered as a very advanced feature now because even leading android phone manufacturers like Samsung etc,. are not providing it. Also, I remember reading that iPhone 8 is going to have a retina scanner. So, we can expect many more features from Apple iPhones in the coming days.

    Let us continue learning.

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    The cost of iPhones, being higher, it has not become so much popular in India. There is presently no Apple store in India and most of the handsets are sold in the grey market due to excessive taxes involved. There are some issues between the Government of India and the Apple and the efforts are being made to iron out the same. India having a very large population, is a very good market for Apple.
    Regarding the new features proposed to be introduced, it is an ongoing process.
    During my last visit to US in the month of December 2015, I had visited the main Apple store in the premises of the Head Quarters of the Apple at Cupertino, CA. They had many products on display and their focus was on Apple watches.
    The main strength of the Apple is their iOS system which is unique to them and thus enables them to provide many services which no other company can provide.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    By describing the new IPHONE 7 the author has arose interest in every body to try that model.Then what bout the pricing of this great phone to be launched ?
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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