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    Do you agree that there are side effects of success also?

    Perhaps it is becoming overconfident to presume that all people love winners.
    There are likely to be certain unexpected negative side effects also, of success due to the envious behavior of others in the individual's social circle.
    The people who announce their success through fist pumps and overt signs of victory by becoming overjoyed are likely to be considered as an arrogant individual and people may distance themselves from befriending such people. Individuals should learn to announce their success in a moderated manner by pretending that they 'don't care' much about their achievement.
    On finding one among ourselves being superior due to his/her achievements, the conflict center in the brain starts functioning leading to envy.
    On the other hand, when people fail like most of us, our brain's reward section start functioning leading to the feeling of schadenfreude i.e. the pleasure one derives 'when someone else falls from grace'.
    Do you agree that there are side effects of success also?

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    I agree with you Mr. Kailash Kumar. If a person succeeds and announces his/her success in a grand way, others say that he/she is showing off. On the other hand, a person can announce his/her success in a moderate way. But, there is a problem. We share our success with others for happiness. So, we can't enjoy success to its fullest if we announce it a moderate manner. If a person fails, it is better to learn from mistakes and try not to commit them again rather than envying others. But, it is a fact that most people envy others at least once. So, both success and failure have their side effects. There are some people who don't get happy with successes, sad with failures and don't care about what others think of them. There is no problem for such people.

    Let us continue learning.

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    Yes, succeeding is not a bad thing but over exaggerating the success in front of other like you have achieved something which no one can achieve that is a bad quality which the succeeder should not posses. We should celebrate but in a manner in which others will become happy in our succeeding not only we.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    There is a saying that, success must not get to the head and failure must not get to the heart. Success and failure are a part of life. We learn our lessons from our failures and try harder to succeed. Success fills us with happiness it is indeed a very good thing. who doesn't want to be successful in life, win an award, prize or reward and become popular and people flock around successful people. It is what drives us to move on, compete in life and make our lives more interesting. for example some hard working, brilliant student succeeded in exams, came university first or state first, he has every right to celebrate, and I think showing off is also permissible to some extent if your success is of so much of value. If an Indian sports person wins Olympic gold medal for our country this time it indeed calls for a celebration. The same applies for Nobel prize, Oscars and other prestigious awards.
    I also believe that as long as success doesn't make people arrogant, there is nothing wrong in celebrating or sharing our happiness with friends and family. Arrogance is born from over confidence and it will only lead to the down fall and failure.

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    In many societies and cultures, there is a tendency on the part of people to overly trumpet their success. I once myself have witnessed people performing 'bhangra' dance in front of the US consulate in Mumbai, the reason being that their son had been able to get US student visa.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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