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    Is it worth to spend huge money on Smart Phones?

    Features in Smart Phones are being updated regularly. By the time you get used to the features in your phone, the companies introduce another one with additional features. Is it worth trying out new models as and when they arrive? Read on to see what different people think about the same.

    There are so many Smart Phones available from different companies. We keep seeing many new phones coming in the market with improvements from the previous release. Similarly, as the new features are added, the cost also increases. Though the sole purpose of a phone is to make calls, receive calls, browse net and take pictures, we invest a money in buying expensive phones which has no resale value later. I had bought a phone worth Rs. 20,000/- and after 6 months wanted to buy a new phone. I went to the same dealer from whom I bought the phone and he told he will take my phone for Rs 4000/-. We all know phones have no resale value, then why should one spend so much on phone of which the main purpose is just to make calls and receive calls?
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    Who says that a smartphone is just for making or receiving calls? Just go through the following thread to know what all can be done using a smartphone

    How important is it for you to have your phone with you? Why?

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    It all depends on your aim of buying a new smartphone.
    What will be the main use? How much of the 'extra' facilities will be used?
    Do you have the urge to have the newest gadget always?
    Do you mind about brand and brand value?
    Do you feel that only branded phones are durable and efficient?
    Do you have budget restrictions?The choice and selection depends on the answers to the above questions.

    Personally, my needs with a smartphone are quite basic. Hence I do not go for high costing phones..

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    Some times I feel at the people who are crazy to own new smart phones when ever it launched and boast it as the first buyer to others. But over the passage of time when better models than this would flood the market the same phone would cost less and we repent for having taken it. When Reliance launched CDMA phones in 2002 I brought the phone by paying hefty 24000 with no color screen nor any additional features except R world. But the company gave me three years no bill service and then I discontinued it. So when I wanted to return the phone, the dealers offered me 500 rupees. So I kept with me as first memorabilia. So if hurry on purchasing new smart phone later you will regret that with same features other companies are offering with lesser price. What I feel that we should not buy the smart phones from the online offers. Instead it is better to go the brand store and select the best one suited for us and that would be satisfying.
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    Generally, the people want to show off. Since it is not possible to alway buy the latest model of a car every year or buy a new house, such people tend to buy the newer models of smartphones which generally fall within the stretchable budget of individuals.
    Most of the people don't use all the features made available in any model. The only universally used features of a smartphone in India are making calls and taking 'selfies'.
    I use iPhone because I require Facetime feature which is not available in any other make/model of smartphones.
    The secondary phone which I use is an inexpensive Nokia.
    I never use the smartphones for most common features like playing games and listening to music/watching video clips, though I do use for accessing emails and browsing when outside the range of broadband Wi-Fi services.
    Thus, it can be said that basically herd mentality or copycat syndrome of the individuals works behind buying latest expensive models of smartphones. The children emotionally blackmail their parents to shell out the amount for buying the latest model.

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    In my opinion, there is no need to spend much money for buying a smartphone. Till last year, I used a Samsung smartphone worth Rs. 5000. It contains almost all the new features of the time in which I bought it (2013). Now, its still working and I bought another smartphone of Acer brand worth Rs. 10000. Its RAM is 3 GB, internal memory (ROM) is 32 GB and so on. It has the best features, that too for a relatively less cost. If you want to buy a smartphone, consider the factors price, brand, RAM, ROM and size i.e. thickness and length/width.

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    It is good to buy smart phones to any cost as the buyer intends and capacity of him/her allows. But the major thing is handling the same by keeping view of its cost and the major aspect in this is the thing the same cannot be serviced if anything happens. My sister in law was offered by her brother with a costly smart phone and she was very happy to use the same and felt very proud by showing the same to everyone. Alas! On her attending a marriage within a weeks' time, her mobile fallen into the bowl of sandel paste. On showing the same to the service personnel they told a big sorry.
    So, the cautious things to be have when possessing costly smart phone is handling carefully without putting down, without damaged by water or anything, properly charging etc.,

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    The role of a mobile phone is no more just calling or messaging but it is became an important part of our life. Yes, there are few who buy expensive phones to show off but people like me having a good phone become a necessary. How, easy has become dealing with business people. There were days when we have to depend on official mail to complete our deal, now one whatsapp message attaching with image does our work so easily.

    However, I am agree with the author for not spending too much on mobile. A good android with under Rs 10,000/- is good enough to do maximum of your work. Then why to spend double of the amount.

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    I disagree with the view that smartphones are just for making and receiving calls. Phones have now replaced all the essentials you used to carry in the past. Music players, cameras and what not.
    I would advice you to buy a smartphone that meets your needs. Just because your friend has a high end device, it is not necessary for you to buy the same one for you. Choose a phone that suits your needs.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I am of the opinion that one should buy a phone according to his pocket and should go for the one which has the best specs & the latest functions. One may not be having a need for the all or some of the functions which a smartphone has at present, but in future one may need those functions. One should explore the smartphone when one has some free time to know about the various functions one's phone has. Then only one can know what he can do with a phone and make optimum use of his phone.

    An example, the earlier keypad phone, I used, had a camera of 1.3 MP only & the phone that I now use has a camera of 13 MP. I need to take photos of items regularly. Earlier, I used to pay Rs 150 per photo since the photos by that 1.3 MP camera were not good enough and now I click them on my phone since the camera is good.

    Another example :- Mohan (Mohan, please do not mind) might be using a basic version of a smartphone. Just ask his college-going son, Aditya, whether he will be satisfied by the same model of the smartphone. Aditya will say no, why? Mohan might be using his smartphone for just making & receiving calls and the basic smartphone suffices for him, but Aditya might be doing much, much more than making & receiving calls and the basic model of a smartphone might not be sufficient for him. He might be watching HDR vids for which he will need a phone with high screen resolution, a big screen, a good RAM, good storing capacity, good battery backup. So, he needs something much more than a basic smartphone.

    Krishna, if your old Samsung phone is still working properly, then
    -> why did you buy an Acer phone?
    -> whose UI is better- Samsung's or Acer's?
    -> what is the camera specs & the Android version of the Acer you bought?
    -> does it have a multi window option?
    -> what is the screen resolution?
    -> does it have a photo editor?
    -> is it OTG compatible?
    -> which TV do you have?

    My theory is to go for the one which has good features, good RAM, at least 5 inches of screen, good storage capacity, good battery back up. Use it until it does not trouble you. Whenever it starts troubling you, go for a new one with the latest features.

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    Well the only purpose of buying a good range or a high price phone is that the person who bought it wants to make his personality more bright in the eyes of the people because as we know that there are also other company with same facility but the only thing which differs is the name which makes all the differences from impression to money. In a sense, the level of a person changes with the good quality of phone. Here in my area excluding Samsung other company phones are consider as china product and we feel shame for keeping a china product in our pocket.
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    Different people are having different uses.
    Previously phone was using only to make and receive calls. but after revolution now days there are many features available, like call recording, conference call, email, video calling, hi speed internet uses, photo editor. Good speaker, high quality camera.
    SO it depends upon the user. What features he/she wants on his/her telephone.
    Like now days in most of companies they need to check their mails while travelling, as they can not open their laptop every where, so they can do that work with their smart phones.
    SO there is nothing bad to spend good amount on smart mobile phone.

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