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    Do you dress to impress others or according to your comforts?

    I have seen many people who only wears what is comfortable to them and they don't care what the other person thinks. Even if the dress is not ironed or quite old, if they feel its comfortable they wear. Some people dress just to impress others though they are not using to such style. They wear it looking at their friends and classmates. They wont be able to carry off themselves positively in the new attire and they know they are not comfortable, still dress so that others look at them.
    If always good to wear what we are comfortable at rather than wearing something just to impress others. What is your opinion about it? Do you wear something what you are most comfortable with?
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    Well we need not dress for the others, surely we have to dress for ourselves but when we go out our dress must give good presentation about us and that should not be shabby. I have seen some people have the liking for particular color and they keep on buying the same color and wearing them daily. But what others think that he has only one dress and that is being repeated daily. So this confusion purpose we must have different colors clothes so that at least for a week we wont repeat the same at least in the eyes of others. By the way looking good with good dress sense also testifies our personality in the public and we get instant respect from others.
    K Mohan
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    Many individuals don't have their own individual personality and therefore they copy others. A typical example is a dress worn by males. In the rural areas, people used to wear 'dhoti' in northern India and wearing a pyjama was considered being fashionable. Transition from 'dhoti' to pyjama was considered a major leap for the mankind in those days (pun intended).
    The next stage was to switch over to the trousers. The individuals who migrated to the cities started wearing trousers outdoor and pyjama or 'lungi' indoors. Subsequently, a paradigm shift came in switching over to jumpsuits/ lowers/ shorts as a casual dress.
    'Kurta' loyalists shifted to t-shirts and the 'sherwani/churidar' migrated to western style suits.
    The same thing happened in the case of women also. The salwar suits loyalists switched over to jeans willingly or unwillingly as there always existed a hazard of being labelled as 'behan ji'.
    A major change in dressing style of women had been gradual transition from 'dupatta' age to 'non-dupatta' era.

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    The first sentence of this thread describes me. I don't care what anyone thinks about my dressing style, hair style etc,. I just don't understand what is the use of impressing anyone with our dressing style. But, the dress we wear should not hurt others' feelings. Some of my friends spend a lot of money to buy dresses. That money can be used to buy a lot of other useful things. I just feel pity for them.

    Let us continue learning.

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    A dress should be for our own convenience but the same should be in the way that it should not hurt other's eyes. I never like the girls in many cities covered their face totally with their duppatta in the guess of pollution as they would get some breathing problem as one lady doctor opined in newspapers. Similarly there is a sence in wearing dress in public if we violate that ettiquette, the total dressing culture will get spoiled. Traditional dress should be weared while attending traditional functions and to traditional places. As we believe a black coat wearing person is an advocate, white coat person is a doctor, khaki uniformed person is either police or postman or bus conductor we should honour for the dress code. I use to wear pant with inserted shirts (full sleeves shirts) that too plain color shirts to honour my working place since 1977. When going for funtions only pyjama kurta or dhothi shirt.

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    I believe dress up is completely depends upon trend and age. Still graduation I hate jeans pants, but slowly it got habituated and now I prefer jeans more than formal pants. Sometime when I come across people of my age and see the variations and changing in dressing, I think myself why such changes in this society, why not me. I usually change my pattern and trend of wearing as per the new styles that launch in the market.
    So in general, I never wear for others. However, I try new trends, shows to my mother and wife; then if they agree, then I buy. That too must suit and give comfort at first; otherwise never.

    Naresh Kumar
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