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    How young school going children gets into habit and reach of drugs, alcohol and smoking?

    Often we find very little children studying in schools at the corners of some streets, behind some walls and behind any place which are hidden from the eyes of society holding cigrets in their hands, bottles of alcohol.
    When somebody asks them whether they doesn't care about their parents? they get angrier and always ready to fight, and because of their such attitude even people began to think let them die their own death.
    The only thing left for people after seeing them is feeling pity for parents of these children.
    What makes children to fall for such habits? No parents,school teaches their children to become such kind of anarchist so how they happen to become like that?
    Why the parents of these children are the last one to know about their bad habit?
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    Such cases happen solely because of the carelessness and negligence of the parents. Though the physical umbilical cord is severed after the birth of the child, it doesn't mean that the parents have absolved themselves from their responsibility. They have to keep their child connected to themselves through an invisible bond of love, affection, care, and concern.
    The parents have to watch their children's each and every activity since early childhood. Nobody starts smoking or drinking abruptly. It takes quite some time to reach that stage. There are many cases when the children after becoming victims to such situations, confess to their children about their mistakes and thus the parents find themselves in a position to be able to take necessary corrective action.
    By watching the change in the behaviour of the children, the careful parents can always discern as to what is happening.
    However, to begin with, it is important that the parents themselves don't indulge in such activities.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Students' companionship with bad guys and improper guidance of parents, are two major factors of bad habits among school going children. Parents must follow and guide properly to whom their child meets, how long their child stays outside, what's the health condition of their child, why s/he is outing for long time, etc. Many parents are very careless in this regard; they simply accept their children's request without proper enquiry to other students' parents and teachers. The students' parents must talk each other daily to know their children's status in studies and other subject matters.

    Many students went wrong when they start staying in hostels while reading engineering, degree, and other professional courses. During the period of staying at hostel, some candidates come across with bad seniors and start smoking, drugs, injecting etc. Most of the sex scandals and drug violence happens in girls hostels in India, which are much unknown to parents. When they got to know, everything comes to an end.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Young children are vulnerable and often fall prey to vices. The reasons behind them doing so can be varied.

    1. Peer pressure
    2. Wanting to emulate a hero (screen or real life)
    3. Surreptitiously being coaxed into the activity by people who make money off it
    4. Wanting to experiment
    5. Wanting to behave/feel/act grown up

    There are not enough vigilantes in the society that can curb such activities. Parents often are the last ones to know when their children do something wrong.

    My experience as a parent is that we must communicate with our children. Keeping communication channels open and picking up cues from what they communicate, is important. Parents must know whom their child is friends with. They should make an attempt to become friends with (or at least get to know) the parents of these children. It helps to keep a 'check' with whom your child is moving around and the influences they can have on them.

    Parents should never think that their children can do no wrong. Children will make mistakes – though the degrees may vary. It is part of growing up. Be there to support them when they go wrong and help them in straightening up their act. Before that ensure that right values are imparted to them. Be present, watchful and aware, but let not your presence be an intrusion. Parenting is a responsible and challenging job – which must not be taken lightly.

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    I blame it on the bad friends at the school and colleges who mislead the young minds for diverse and induce them to smoking, hukka center and even bars, The parents and teachers must have one eye on them and tame them at the beginning itself. Surely if a school boy makes friend with a good colleague, such wild thoughts wont come. More over once the students comes inside the campus, it is responsibility of the school or college to send them after working hours. Likewise parents should also see that their children come home without diverting elsewhere.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    When recently the reports of drugs consumed by a school student in TN made the government authorities to go for a complete search in shops near schools. I have watched a show in one TV channel when students said that they will get some pocket money daily from their parents and I really thought TN government is giving everything free to students, education kits(bag,books, geometry box etc.,) free bus pass, free breakfast and lunch and hence when there is no expenditure for parents, they are spoiling students with pocket money and students buying drugs which are easily available in the form of chocolate and wafers in the shops nearer to schools and these shop owners and manufacturers knowing well and for the sake of money they are doing this silly act.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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