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    To be or not to be? Different shades of our personality.

    What should a person's nature be like in real life.He should speak straight from the heart,not mince his or her words,never backbite and so many more.Which one is most essential cannot be easily said and is also difficult to find nowadays.Here is an interesting narration to keep the mind thinking more on this aspect.

    To be or not to be...

    To be silent and observe
    Or not be silent observer?
    To be an introvert and oblige
    Or not to be a silent sufferer?
    To be afraid and hold back
    Or not to be a coward?
    To be arrogant and spiteful
    Or not to be conceited?
    To be hateful and envious
    Or not be so vile?
    To be miserly and double standard
    Or not be a contradictory?
    To be a person disliked by many
    Or not be the one loved by all?
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    Hi ar,
    After reading the title of your thread I thought it might be related to some English topic; however I got to know it's very realistic topic for everyone. Please make the topic heading a perfect one (not incomplete), so that the readers can easily understand what's there inside.

    Now coming to your topic; there are various circumstances a person comes across in his/her daily life. For a married job holder, behaviour varies with spouse, children, parents, siblings, officemates, boss, office-boys/peons, driver, customer/clients, and many more people. For a student, behaviour varies with parents, siblings, teachers, mentors, classmates, playmates, and many others. We can't say a person is perfect in every angle; somewhere sometime someone may be not fair with him/her. He/she may be perfect for everyone, but not for his/her competitors. So, in general we can't how a person should be. He/she need to handle everything as per the situation and in favour of best/benefit of everyone.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    To be or not to be is an interesting topic which according to me depends on a person's mind, upbringing, the situations and the issues that one deals with everyday life. We don't live in an isolated place away from humanity, but we live around many different people who more or less shape up our character and make us what we are, we inherit or acquire the good qualities like helping people in need, showing compassion towards animals, being loyal, showing respect to elders to name a few. We all have a true nature and that is what defines us. Being selfish, materialistic, cruel, dishonest, arrogant and proud is not at all good and will surely lead to a person's down fall and doom no matter how successful he or she, is in life. while being good and kind attracts friends and altogether help in the person's well being.
    I believe that we all have a tolerance level beyond which, our true nature begins to show. People are being mistreated, denied their basic rights and suppressed, they tolerate it to some extent but after that revolt against the entities responsible. Russian revolution and the French revolution are few examples from the history that show us about people's tolerance and true nature. I also believe that a person can not pretend or hide his true nature and move around behaving to be what he is not, sooner or later his true nature will come out. A dishonest politician for example may succeed in luring people and winning their votes with acting and pretending to be loyal, kind and down to earth compassionate person. But once he or she has got into the power, will get into corruption, scams and loot the country to fill their pockets.

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