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    Is India secure? What plans should government adopt for security on Independence Day?

    Day by day the world is getting horrible due to various terrorist attacks in almost every part of this world. Every month, terrorists are killing thousands of people. In India, the security was tightened 24x7 in major cities. My question is how India is secure in these days? Shall government tighten the security in every city before Independence Day program? It is because, we shouldn't sit calm and wait for the exact day of incident/event/program.

    We must be alert consistently whenever we got outside; mainly in public places like bus, train, garden, parks, malls, theatres, parking places etc. and at least try to know whether the place is secured with CCTV, security guards and vulnerability scanner or metal detectors.

    If you find any unknown person or suspect, please take a picture and keep for any kind of future identification.

    Don't rent out your house, bungalow, parking place, shop like places etc to any unknown person even if they show any identity proof. If any person shows identity card of his company, immediately call the company for inquiry and also inform your local police station for cross checking.

    If you've any other ideas, then please let us know and share with everyone, so that all Indians could celebrate this Independence Day with full entertainment.
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    India's population is about 125 crores presently. The strength of the security forces can never be adequate enough to take care of all suspected terrorists on their own without the active involvement of all the citizens. Therefore it is imperative that all the citizens be alert and assist police by informing them in case any suspected activity is observed.
    However, it is difficult for people also to spot any such individual at crowded places like railway stations, bus stands or busy market area. The CCTV etc. installed at such places don't contribute much in preventing such activities as continuous 24X7 monitoring is not possible in case all installed cameras. At the most, such gadgets can prove useful in the subsequent investigation of the crimes already committed.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Naresh, other than being vigilant about our surroundings and being watchful of persons who arouses suspicion and all the more, being responsible enough to report the same to concerned authorities, we have a very small but nevertheless an important role to play in ensuring security of our nation.

    We have to understand that security of a nation is something that is actually beyond the purview of a common citizen when it need to be discussed; particularly on a platform like this. We may have many ideas and views being strange to the realities on ground and so we need to exercise restraint in the larger interests.

    In addition to being responsible, let us be confident about the various organs that work tirelessly to safeguard the interests of our nation; they are capable!

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    Kailash Kumar and Saji Ganesh, thanks for your valuable information.
    However, there are certain circumstances why a common people must aware of such things like, metal detectors not working in railway stations, most of the local railway stations in metros like Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata are not closed (no boundaries) & open for everyone, nonexistence of security personnel in shopping malls, etc.
    I just want to share some of my views here; as ISC is one of the best forum sections in India's online portals we must bring out some issues which are commonly encountered by us.

    Naresh Kumar
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    There is a limit to external security measures. Theoretically and practically there cannot be cent percent security measure.
    What matters is the self confidence of each individual coming out of the ever alert attitude and not to believe in rumours. The individual confidence and conviction and vigilance if transferred to collective quantum, that is sufficient security.
    n fact the security lies in preventive deterrence. The intruder should be afraid that he will be caught and smashed by the public even if spotted by a lone individual. That much courage and confidence we should exhibit. Each stranger should be questioned thoroughly and his whereabouts scrutinised. A stranger should never be able to roam free without the guise of the local people.

    For this we should cultivate in good neighbourliness and communication and understanding each other in a locality and be familiar to each other. We should be able to identify the double standards of so called intelligentsia and even some self interested politicians.

    In short we should go back to our basics of Maanavikata and oneness. Unity is our strength and security too.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    A very timely thread. The author has sought suggestions. Common men can become very vigilant. They must exercise extreme caution and vigilance while in crowded places like malls, markets and cinema halls. Secondly, the must use social media with extreme prudence. If they come in contact with any absurd social media group preaching/glorifying terrorist ideology, they must report it at once to the cyber police.
    Most importantly, if a person happens to be in a place of terrorist attack, he/she first take care of his/her family including himself/herself, and then, if possible, should help other people and police. At least, panic must not be created, rumours must not be spread.

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