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    Why the internet based tests and computer based tests are used in competitive examinations?

    Nowadays a number of competitive examinations are conducted using various type of test formats like paper based test, online test, internet based test (IBT) and computer based test (CBT) etc. Though the paper based tests are generally understood in which the candidates read a question on a paper booklet and use a pencil to darken the ovals or circles on an answer sheet but the similarities and differences between the other examinations formats like online tests, IBT and CBT are not well to known to the common man.
    Why the internet based tests and computer based tests are being increasingly used in the competitive examinations?
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    The benefits of online/computer test in competitive exam is (for STUDENTS):
    1. Time saving (no need to search the answer-sheet and fill black the round; here just a click)
    2. Recheck and Can be correct again (you can't correct the answer sheet once filled with black pen; here you can recheck the answers & change the answer option whenever needed)

    The benefits of online/computer test in competitive exam is (for EXAMINER):
    1. Saving of paper.
    2. Save mode through user-id (Roll No) and Password (sent to their mobile/email)
    3. Impossible of cross connection of question papers
    4. Easy correction (no need of manual correction; the answers will automatically figured out and the reports are being sent to the examiner)
    5. Time bound (fixed time of log in and log out; no tension for loss of paper or inserting answer-sheets)
    6. No option of cheating

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Naresh - Can you please throw some light on the similarities and differences of IBT and CBT tests?
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    The online and internet based tests and computer tests have become popular because the results are pre -loaded and the answers are easily shortlisted and the results are out in no time.
    K Mohan
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    Both the terms IBT (Internet Based Test) and CBT (Computer Based Test) are similar; however IBT is considered as higher version of CBT that introduced in the year 2005 for online exams. IBT completely replaced CBT since 2006 for online competitive exams; however in some colleges they conduct CBTs for their internal assessments.
    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    I think there are various reason, it is not only save the time of a student or teacher. But also we can secure the exam to do cheat by students. As it will submitted immediately and will get open at a centralize pale, where as the paper was going to check and evaluation, where chances were there to cheat to get high score.
    Also it saves the time for every one, students, teacher, the invigilator etc.

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    Basically, I am interested in knowing the details of IBT and CBT tests i.e. its methodologies e.g. what students actually undergo while performing such tests.
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    #573709 (Mr. Kailash Kumar) : The engineering entrance exam I wrote to join VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) is an IBT. Its similar to a paper exam. We can answer any question we want to anytime. We can check what questions we answered and what we didn't anytime. The timer starts at the beginning of the exam and stops immediately when the allotted time is over. Not even a second is given in addition to the allotted time. The computer can be used by a student only to write the exam and for nothing else. Rough papers will be given at the examination center itself during the start of the exam and they should be returned after the exam. All the rules must be strictly followed. Any violation may lead to strict measures. Some of the IBTs like GRE give results once the exam is completed.

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    Krishna - Are questions generated online only on the computerised system at the time of examination or a separate physical question paper is distributed.
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    Few benefits for Online Test are:
    1. Reduction in Paper Cost
    2. Easily Scalable
    3. Easy to deliver and administer test
    4. Secure Test Content Delivery
    5. Quick turnaround for results
    6. Improved accessibility for students with disabilities
    7. Less Resource Required

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    #573747 (Mr. Kailash Kumar) : The questions are not computer generated. A physical paper is not given either. Instead, questions are prepared before the exam and are displayed on the computer monitor during the exam. After doing the required rough work on rough papers (not mandatory) given, we can select the option (a, b, c, d) by clicking on it and then click the 'next' button to view next question. There is a 'skip' button which when clicked shows next question by skipping the current question. At anytime, we can click the 'status' button to view the questions we answered and unanswered or to go to a particular question we skipped. The exam starts if we click the 'start' button. The exam ends if the time is over or if we click the 'submit' button.

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