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    Significance of messages written on the T-shirts

    During my college days, a young boy came to visit India from the USA. He stayed in our neighbourhood for some days. He used to wear a T-shirt which had a funny comment written on its back: "Kindly kick me". Needless to mention, my friends and myself very kindly acceded to the request.
    Yesterday I saw a middle-aged man proudly wearing a T-shirt with the comment:"Insanity is my forte". I have seen various funny comments on T-shirts like "Beware, I bark and bite", "Keep away from me", etc.
    I would like to know from Members about the significance of such messages on the T-shirts. Are these for fun, or to seek attention, or for any other purpose?
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    Yes some T shirt messages are really arresting and wins the appreciation of the on lookers too.
    K Mohan
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    The history of the T-shirts is hardly 100 years old. Originally, they were developed as undershirts to be worn by US Navy personnel.
    However, it has now become the most popular casual wear. The trend of printing messages on the same to express oneself started only since 1980s. The proliferation of online shopping added fuel to the fire. Nowadays one can order printed T-shirts with messages of his/her choice printed on the same.
    T-shirts have now become a medium for self-expression and advertising also. Any imaginable combination of words, design or photograph can be displayed on the T-shirts.
    Indian companies started marketing printed T-shirts with messages in Indian languages. I have noticed that few Indians wear T-shirt printed with obscene messages also containing four letter words of English language printed in vernacular or local script. Perhaps they don't know the exact meaning of the word and start using the same in routine as a fashion statement.
    A major trend in this direction has been the use of T-shirts by girls with printed suggestive messages almost bordering on obscenity.

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    I do not like to wear any such T-shirts from my childhood. What I would say that the message written on T-shirts do convey some meaning in one way or other. Some good messages, some funny messages, some vulgar and absurd messages.

    As I don't wear such T shirts, I have ensured to have some message written on my car (on the rear windscreen) to warn the vehicle following me. It is to warn them about the value of life and to avoid any accident by kissing me on the rear. It says " Vun Vuyir Vunakku Sontham Alla, Athu Vun Veettukkum Naattukkum Sontham". It means - "Your soul is not your own sole property, it belongs to your family at home and your nation." This would warn the driver to think about the value of human life and would help him to drive safely.

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    There are many funny messages like what you said in your thread were seen printed on T-shirts. Some messages are very funny to read, don't understand how people wear those.
    No doubt, wearing the T-shirts gives a youthful and stylish sentiment. Some college students wear such comic messages for fun and to create impression among friends. However, I'm surprised to see some girls are wearing T-shirts with very funny and ridiculous messages. I don't want to put those messages here, which are completely viral and illicit to read. It is completely insane and dishonourable when girls wear dresses with images of Hindu Gods and Mantras printed on it. How you react with this?

    Naresh Kumar
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    But what is the purpose of such messages? Do they want to be mod (modern) or funny or attractive by wearing T-shirts with such messages?
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    To me, it appears that one intentional or unintentional purpose is the ubiquitous gender teasing.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Personally, I always avoid to wear such T-shirt having printed anything on it. I do not feel comfortable. However, there are people and their choice to wear such T-shirt, either to show off or to attract people. Again, there are people too who wear such T-shirt to bring attention on some important subject.

    Once I saw, A man was wearing a T-shirt printed "Being Human" but shouting at the road that too on a old person just because the old man came on his car's way which irritated him. If this is so then people should understand the meaning on the printed shirt and behave accordingly.

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    These are some hilarious/improper messages on T shirts.
    1) 99% of all women are beautiful. The remaining 1% are in my college.
    2) The funniest thing about this shirt is that, by the time you realize it doesn't say anything, its too late for you to stop reading you idiot.
    3) Don't grow up. Its a trap.
    4) When someone tells you to expect the unexpected, slap them and ask if they expected it.

    I don't mean any offence here. These are just for laughs. Coming to the point, I hate T shirts with messages written on them. Printing funny messages on T shirts is okay. But now a days, completely insane messages are being printed on T shirts which is very bad.

    Let us continue learning.

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