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    Side effects of Green Tea

    In general, coffee and tea are considered as a beverage. But now a days Green Tea is also added to the list of beverages and the people are taking more. The percentage of intake of green tea has been increased compared to the older times.

    Green Tea is produced from the leaves of C.sinensis and it has medicinal values. Green tea can be taken orally or can be taken in the form of beverage. On an average, people give more importance to green tea as a beverage. Some of the benefits of Green Tea are

    1. Traditional beverage
    2. Focuses on the metabolic syndrome of human and has high impact on body weight and other cardio-vascular risk factors.
    3. Improves mental alertness and thinking
    4. Used for the treatment of Anogenital warts.
    5. Also used to treat cancer and leukemia.

    Though green tea has lot of benefits, the people who want to reduce weight are consuming green tea regularly.

    Apart from its benefits, green tea also has many side effects. The caffeine content in green tea causes many risks. Too much of green tea consumption may lead to the following side effects.

    1. Stomach problems, Diarrhoea, Vomiting
    2. Iron Deficiency and Anemia
    3. Mild to serious head aches
    4. Irregular heartbeat
    5. Dizziness
    6. Diabetes
    7. Bleeding disorders

    Green tea is safe when consumed in moderation. If the intake of green tea is high, it may lead to many side effects. Now a days, people who want to reduce their weight are not even aware of the side effects of Green tea and are consuming regularly without any moderation.
    Are you a green tea consumer? Share your opinions on Green Tea.

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    For the first time I am coming across the side effects of green tea. It is better to have lime tea which is good for the health and also tastier.
    K Mohan
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    I have heard of the side effects of green tea. Especially it is advised for pregnant woman and for woman who is trying to a baby to avoid consuming green tea

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    Some of the reported possible harmful effects of taking green tea in excess amount are as follows -
    1. It may make anemia worse.
    2. The caffeine present in the green tea is likely to make anxiety worse.
    3. The diabetic patients taking green tea should be careful about monitoring their sugar level as it may affect sugar level control.
    4. Drinking green tea increases the pressure inside the eye within 30 minutes and lasts for at least up to 90 minutes. The glaucoma patients, therefore have to be careful about it.
    5. It increases the amount of calcium being flushed out through urine. Therefore, it is fraught with the danger of causing osteoporosis i.e. weakening of the bones.
    6. The caffeine present in green tea may cause an increase in blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
    7. Consuming more than 2 cups of green tea daily has been associated with an increased risk of miscarriage due to the caffeine content in case of pregnant women

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    Well, I need to lose my weight and so many people suggested me to drink green tea. Though I initially refused, I decided to start drinking green tea and I came across this thread now. You mentioned that the green tea should be consumed in moderate amount. What is the moderate amount i.e. number of cups a day? Is there any such drink healthier than green tea?

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    The moderate amount of intake of green tea should be 2 cups per day. Drinking 2 cups of green tea daily gives many health benefits but will not help to reduce weight.

    It is said that consuming 4 cups of green tea daily may reduce weight. Don't prefer green tea alone to lose your weight. The contents present in the green tea will help to lose your weight but will not reduce completely.

    Strictly avoid green tea if you suffer from insomnia, anxiety and glaucoma. The side effects of green tea varies from person to person depending upon the complications present in a person's body.

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