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    If civic authorities fail to provide basics are we eligible for refund of taxes ?

    Now a new issue has come for discussions in the media channel and print media and also in the social network that the citizens are paying taxes to the government and in turn it is the duty of the civic authorities to provide basics like roads, lights, drainage and drinking water. If such services are not provided and neglected, as the sincere tax payer are we eligible to seek refund of taxes thus paid from the government ?. I want the sensible members of this site to make a debate and possibilities of such demand ?
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    The taxes paid by the citizens are not spent fully by the Government on maintenance of civic amenities alone. The municipal taxes paid to the local bodies may not be sufficient to create new infrastructures such as laying new sewer lines, providing drinking water systems, cleanliness of the public areas and such other civic amenities.
    Take the example of the biggest Municipal body in India i.e. the BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Their total budget for the year 2016-17 is of the tune of Rs 37,052 crore, out of which Rs. Rs 12,874 crore are proposed to be spent on a number of development projects, Rs 2,394 crore for education department and Rs 3,693 crore for the health department.
    Many citizens don't pay their taxes honestly. They always try to manipulate taxes in connivance with the concerned officials.
    The taxes paid by the citizens are used for providing subsidies and welfare measures for the weaker sections.
    However, it is a matter of general knowledge that due to rampant corruption in the municipal bodies, a lot of resources are mis-utilized.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What I think is, the taxes we pay are not completely utilized by the government. Instead, corrupt politicians etc,. take a part of it for themselves. After that distribution, the remaining money is spent for different purposes. Suppose a city needs a road and a part of the remaining money is allocated to construct the road. The related corrupt officials will take a part of it for themselves and use the remaining money to construct the road with poor quality. That road will get destroyed in few months. Again, there is a need for a road. The cycle repeats. And, our taxes will not be refunded in such cases. Instead, the government may impose more taxes on us in the name of development.

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    When the elected representatives fail to respond or react to the basic civic problems, then there should non cooperation from the public on paying taxes.
    K Mohan
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