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    Today is Aadi Amavasya (the new moon day in the month of Karkatakam)

    Today is an important day. Aadi Amavasya (in Tamil) is the new moon day in the month of Aadi (15th July - 15th August). The new moon day falling in between these days is a fitting day to remember and offer our prayers to our ancestors (Passed away Father, Mother, Grand Father, Grand Mother, Great Grand Father, Great Grand Mother etc) . Generally, we choose to perform such rituals near a water body like sea-shores, river banks, lakes and ponds.
    1.What do you do on this special day?
    2.Do you take leave from your office to perform the rituals?
    2.Where do you go to perform the rituals?
    3.Do you know the names of your ancestors like GF,GM,GGF,GGM (to tell the purohit who would ask for it)
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    Nice information Sun! Can you please tell us what is meant by Karkatakam and Aadi? Is it similar to Puskar or what?
    Naresh Kumar
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    Aadi Amavasya is a sacred day dedicated to our forefathers. The Aadi month of the Tamil calendar is known as Aashad month in the north India. Throughout the month Aadi, weddings etc. and such other auspicious functions are not celebrated as the weather monsoon is not very conducive for organising large celebrations. Aadi is the first of four months that are known Chaturmasa.
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    After posting this thread, I came to know that this day is connected with three important events. They are:

    1. New Moon day. (Aadi Amavasya)
    2. Eighteenth Day of the month (Pathinettam Perukku, an auspicious day to sow in the field )
    3. Lord Guru (Jupiter) shifts his zodiac from Leo to Virgo (Guru Peyarchi)

    Such a day comes only once in 50 years. On this day one should visit the shrine of Lord shiva (Dakshinamurthy) to get his blessings.

    @ I went to a nearby Siva shrine where river Tamirabharani flows. I had a holy dip and performed rituals for my late father, mother, GF, GM, GGF and GGM. Later I entered the temple, worshipped the deity. OMG! Plenty of food items (Pongal, Chana dhal, Puliyodharai, Sweet Pongal, Veg.Biriyani, Curd rice, Sambar rice etc) were distributed to the devotees by various donors. I had to wait in a queue for more than one hour to see the deity of that temple.

    It is a great day to me. The day brought peace to my mind.

    @ Naresh: The month Aadi is in Tamil. Karkatakam is in Malayalam. I think, Aashad is in Hindi.

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    I had visited many temples today being auspicious day with so many auspicious days combined in one day this year as you said in your response. One more to add is Aadi Sevvai(Tuesday) is also combined which is also very famous for Amman deity(both Parvathi & Lakshmi).
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    Yes early in the morning I had performed the tharpanam to my parents and their elders. We have prescribed printed format released every year by our samajam and that becomes handy to perform such rituals without any mistake and without forgetting any details. On this day the Guru is going Kanni Raasi and its effects will be felt by the respective stars from today. Today is also a festival called Padhinettam Perukku, which is celebrated with great fervor in Tamil Nadu. Lots of varieties of food are prepared and taken to the river bed and offered to the river Goddess and then the community shall gather and eat in unison. That is the great feeling.
    K Mohan
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    Karkitakam or Aadi month is the 12 th calendar month in Malayalm or Tamil. The equivalent is the Scorpo in Zodiac.
    You may get some more on Karkitakam or the Karkataka Vaavu or Aadi Amaavasya in the articleKarkitaka Maasam – Ramayana maasam in Kerala meaning Month of Karkataka- a month for Ramayana.

    It is interesting or ironic that in Maharashtra the Katak Amaavasi is observed (by certain section of people) as 'Gattaari Amaavasi". They take the days as a licence to drink liquor and eat non-veg foods to maximum to the level of falling into a 'gutter". From the next day they abstain from liquor and non-veg for next 40 days or month of Shravan observing vrat and poojaas.
    About 'gattaari', I have heard from people, but not yet verified for legends or authenticity in literature.

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