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    What is meant by viral? How media creates simple words ‘viral’ for their promotion?

    Actually the word 'viral' refers to a virus attack, or aftermath of viruses' etc. It is highly used in technology in the sense of wrong messaging, wrong promoting, worthless & vast communication of a phrase, images, videos, etc. Nowadays, very simple words are going on viral by the media, which they used only for their promotion and rating.

    Suppose a small incident occur and there is no other hot topic to discuss, they call some of the political leaders to their studio and discuss on that topic so inexorably; the topic goes viral for weeks and months. For a specific period, until new topic provokes the subject go viral in every TV and social networking sites. What you think; how the media networks creates viral of small happenings and earn billions?
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    There are two separate things- a topic becoming 'trending' and another becoming 'viral'.
    The virus of diseases which cause viral diseases proliferates at a very rapid pace. Borrowing the same concept, it is said that a video has become viral, in case it spreads at a very fast pace by sharing on social media.
    Earlier when there was no internet, the rumors about communal violence etc. used to be spread through the conventional mouth to mouth rumor mill with spices getting added at each stage of the transfer.
    However, in the case of electronic messages, at least spice is not added by the sender.
    Trending, on the other hand, means becoming fashionable to talk e.g. some time back the topic 'tolerance' had becoming trending.
    Generally, news about scandals become viral instantaneously. Same is the case with generally unfortunate news about natural disasters, the outbreak of war or communal violence or even unfortunate death of a celebrity or other great personalities.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As a virus spreads to everyone in its way very fast, a viral news spreads to everyone very fast. Recently, people said Kabali teaser went viral because it is viewed many times which is believed to be the highest for a movie teaser/trailer of India. These days, some news channels are focusing on useless news like ghosts etc,. as they should run their channel for 24 hours. They can't get news suitable for 24 hours and therefore trying to make what they have viral. In my opinion, such channels should not be telecast.

    Let us continue learning.

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