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    Side Effects of watching Television

    We all watch television one time or the other. It may be entertaining but there are some consequences. These are some of the side effects of watching television.

    1) Watching television affects our brain. Case in point, most people can imagine something happening in 1980 in black and white only.
    2) If children watch violent programs in television, they may feel that violence is okay and tend to be violent. If children watch non violent programs like animation shows, comedy shows etc., they may become too sensitive.
    3) Many people don't even bother what's happening around them while watching television. Such people spend most of their time watching television and don't socialize with others.
    4) Watching television makes a person fat. Many studies proved that there is a direct connection between time spent in watching television and obesity.
    5) The commercials shown in television may influence a person to buy things that are not needed which results in wastage of money.

    Above all, watching television effects our eyes. To avoid such problems, we should watch television only for a less amount of time and from a distance. The majority of people effected by television are children. So, children must be allowed to watch some particular programs only and that too in a free time but not in study time or meal time. Let us be more careful from now.

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    1. Many people steal their sleep time to watch a late night movie or an engrossing football match. Such people remain in a state of sleep deprivation which affects their work in the following day and is likely to cause depression.
    2. A study has indicated that watching television for more than two hours daily is likely to develop diabetes as the sedentary lifestyle of continuously sitting at one place causes changes in blood sugars and blood fats which act as a catalyst for the onset of type II diabetes.
    3. Prolonged television watching leads to piling on extra kilos particularly when continuing to sit as a couch potato accompanied by munching deep fried goodies and beverages.
    4. Watching television more than two hours a day shortens life span by about 13 percent leading to premature death.
    5. The risk of cardio vascular disease increases by 15 percent by watching television too much. The reason being the lack of exercise and physical work coupled with the continuous mental concentration on the TV screen together with improper blood movement throughout the body due to sitting or lying at one place.

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    As already mention above about so many side effects of television, but I think that the most dangerous thing about watching a TV is that it is very harmful for the human eyes. So I think that people should watch less TV and should see only those things which are entertaining and give some knowledge from their shows. As we know that children are very fond of seeing cartoon shows, I personally think that we parents should try to safe our children from getting addicted to the cartoons character because if they get addicted then it will be very difficult for the children to forget them and concentrate on their studies.
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    There are many benefits as well as side effects of watching TV. It affects in many ways to human beings such as health problems, etching of eyes, exposure to radiation, socio- psychological problems to the viewers.Today govt. and censor board is failing to stop the porn and vulgar scene. Rape,murder,theft, extra marital relations, live in relationship, love making, kissing, sas- bahu ke serials all contributes towards social destruction and crime. so friends select carefully your TV Channels to watch and subscribe.
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