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    What is the necessity of keeping archeology department

    In recent years, the school syllabus eliminates totally the subject of History in almost all standards. Many students even to the higher school level do not know our History and many present parents are against History by telling what is the necessity of learning history as the things were past one. But many newspapers are releasing news about the inventions of archeology department in various parts of our country that they excavated the old stones used by then animals and men, earthen pots partially or fully, idols of Hindu Gods with inscriptions etc., what is the use of such excavation as nobody interested in History. The entire department is to be think as waste otherwise the resumption of History study should come in schools. Please give your views.
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    Archaeology to me is just keeping ancient objects in museum for next generations to let them know how their past generation people used & create products for them. Eventually there is no benefit of protecting the old & unused objects, but it can be used for only reference while studying archaeological science and history.
    Naresh Kumar
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    I am not aware of the deletion of the subject history from school syllabus. To me, it seems improbable that the subject history is made a history in the academic curriculum at all levels. I believe that the subject history will continue to be taught in the universities at graduation, post graduation, doctoral and post doctoral levels. Even at the school and college level, though there may not be a subject specifically named as 'history', but it is likely to be a part of the subjects named as social studies or such other name.
    As far as the importance of archaeology is concerned, there is a full fledged organisation known as the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), under the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. It is the premier organisation in India to carry out archaeological research and for the protection of the cultural heritage of the nation. In addition, there are state Departments of archaeology, universities and other research organisations which conduct archaeological excavations in different parts of the country.

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    You are right Mr. Ramachandran Pattabiraman. These days, nobody wants to become an archaeologist. On the other hand, people discourage the ones who want to become an archaeologist. I personally think there is no need to study and store old objects. Instead, we should know the history only for following the good traditions our ancestors followed. As far as I know, students are being taught history in and before 10th standard.

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    I am also wondering about the importance of archeology department and what they are restoring and for whom. The other day when I visited YSR Archaeology museum inside Public garden in Hyderabad, I was told by the ticket in charge that there is no public for this place when compared to Salarjung Museum. The reason being , no one is interested to see the broken statues of those era which has no meaning to this generation. Where as if they go Salarjung Museum they are treated with some unique dresses, swords, guns and all those dynastic fashion is well portrayed their which gives more interest to the students of this era.
    K Mohan
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    I am curious to know which schools and states have eliminated 'History', as a subject, in almost all classes. This does not seem to be true at all. Is there any available data, on the topic of discussion and the details provided in the thread?
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    #573800: although the subject 'History' still exists, nowadays, in the name of modern research, students are learning Political Science in the name of History. Jogendra Yadav has devised such a horrible book (NCERT), students avoid History to the maximum possible extent. I am extremely saddened by the condition of History education In India.
    So far as Archaeology in India is concerned, it is extremely interesting subject and it has wide scope (in terms of academic research-not in terms of money-making) in our country. But parents don't guide children in that direction.

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    In those days that is till 1977, there was the history (though hated by many students) in all standards comprising about the kings and their services to our nation before the British invasion. However, many could argue that what is the use of studying such an old things but the citizen of India should know about his country now and earlier. If he does not know about Akbar, Shah Jehan what is the use of his visit to Taj etc., Though it is not necessary to study elaborately a student must know about the names of Kings and Leaders. As told by one comedian in Tamil movie the students do not know about Bharathiar, Mahatma Gandhi, etc., but knows very well about the present cinema directors and actors. Similarly the pattern of selecting portions of subjects should also be done in an informative manner so as to the students should keep in mind about the subject.

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