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    Issuing ID cards to the people doing survey or verifications from Government side

    Many state Governments entrusted the survey or verification works to the private bodies. They are also going to house by house to make the survey or verification. In such situation the house people do not know whether the coming persons are really entrusted for that. In many houses, with the fear of allowing alien into the house, there is a possibility of not encouraging the people doing such survey/verification. In some houses there are possibility of inability in giving details by the people in the house as a particular person or main person do possess all such details and he/she would have gone for work or somewhere. To avoid such hindrances the entrusted body or concerned government department may issue identity cards to the persons doing survey or verification. In the cases of correct person not available or even in some cases of both housepersons gone for work, the visiting person may leave note with their phone numbers to provide such details to their office on a
    specified date to avoid delay in fulfilling the survey/verification.
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    As far as I know, it is always a standard practice to issue a proper Identity card to the individuals authorised to approach the citizens in connection with any kind of survey. Even the public servants dealing with the public carry an identity card. The train ticket examiners (TTE), police officers on duty, income tax officers doing tax surveys and all such other public servants are required to carry such a card and the citizens have a right to demand to see such identity cards. In case any individual is not carrying his/her identity card, then it will be well within the right of the citizen to refuse to divulge sought after information and even lodge a police report for an unauthorised demand of certain information or even trespassing the house.
    Many private companies or individuals may be impersonating as being authorised by some Government body for their own marketing or such other purposes. Such people should be informed point blank that no information will be furnished to them or entry will be allowed inside the house until they are showing their proper ID card.

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    Even if the officers have identity cards, people may think that the person is showing a dummy identity card. In my opinion, there is no way to make people completely believe until the criminals who impersonate officers are extinct. And with the corruption we have in our country now, it may not be possible.

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    What I understand that the prescribed form given by the government for seeking information from the public is with government emblem and logo and those who are taking the survey must be believed to be real and trusted. Therefore issuing ID card for just one day purpose of survey would be huge expense for any government. Moreover many of the surveyors are from the government departments only and they do carry their ID cards of their employment. When KCR took one day survey of every Individual of Telangana . many government teachers were pressed in to service and they were carrying their school identity cards.
    K Mohan
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    As told by mohan sir, if it is containing the logo of Government in the sheet they possess is ok. But as told by Kailash sir, we cannot know that the coming person is a fraud or genuine in the beginning itself. If we resist to give information the problem would be to us only.

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