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    ‘Love ka side effect’ (side effect of love): Poetry

    During my childhood, my elders used to force me to learn poetry by heart. Some of them (my parents included) tried to make me understand the inherent beauty of a poem, allegories, alliterations, personifications and various other poetic devises. Because of the effect of their continuous teaching and preaching, I also started writing poetry! The following painful incident is relating to the poetry.

    When I entered into college, on an ill-fated night, I wrote a poem and in another unfortunate evening, it saw the light of the day in the wall-magazine of the college. Some female students and a very gorgeous lady professor were kind enough to appreciate my creation in presence of some of my friends. And this appreciation of my creation resulted in very serious problem for me at later stage.

    Due to the well-known law of nature, some of my male friends fell in love with some female students of the college. When their love affairs were blossoming in a painfully slow manner, they adopted the age-old strategy of impressing their ladies-love by writing poetry. And because of my earlier poem which was widely appreciated, I was being considered an authority on poems.
    As a result, I was forced to hear many poems-of romantic, sorrowful, elation and various other genres. Not only my class-mates but students of other Honours classes forced to me to hear their poems and give my valuable comments. I was also asked to suggest changes of their poems.

    After a few months, my head started spinning at the time of going to college. I started bunking college-not because of the professors; not to watch movies-but due to my friends' poems. Even then I had no respite. Those love-struck friends used to come to my residence and take me out to listen to their rant…oops, poetry.

    The side effect of love, i.e., poetry, was fully evident on me during my first year examination. Whenever I tried to learn Mathematical formulae , theorems and practise problems, various romantic poems used to buzz in my ears. Needless to say, my result was excellent! I somehow qualified the examination, albeit with the lowest marks in the (Mathematics Honours) class.

    (Competition entry)
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    The author has deviously camouflaged the incidence of his falling in love, though has spun an interesting story about side effects of being able to write a love poetry.
    Surprisingly enough, though we often encounter the phrase 'love story', but the term 'love poetry' is comparatively unheard of. The passionate may get tempted to argue that since poetries are meant for expressing love only, there is no need to qualify the same by prefixing the word love, which is not always the case. There are many other genres of poetry also an epic poem, narrative, dramatic, and lyrical in addition to the ubiquitous romantic one.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    #573768 : No, Sir. You are mistaken in this case. This is not related to my love-story. The event described here is genuine and I had to suffer a lot for writing a poem in the wall-magazine of my college.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    Some times happenings in our past life would come out of the heart one day, and that may be through revelations, murmuring, chatting or even weeping ? So this one through love poetry. Good writing.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I think you narrated this somewhere in some of your thread I remember. I won't agree that it is Love Ka side effect. It is the side effect of the poems that had the lovely words in them.

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