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    Side effects of marriage in life

    Wondering about what all aspects does one have to take care after marriage? What all concerns could come up when one gets in contact with new families or move to new home? Discuss about your "side effects" concerns of new families, people and homes over here.

    Side effects of marriage in one's life is huge in quantity and quality. When a person gets married, the burden increases. A man has to bear with his wife, and a woman has to bear with her husband. Before the marriage, the side effect is a heavy financial loss to the girl in the form of dowry, ornaments and marriage party expenses. And also to a man who need to spend lot for the marriage. A man has to suffer his wife meeting all her requirements. Further, the side effect is through the children they make. It is an additional burden to the married couple. The Upbringing of children, proper education to their children, getting them employed, getting the right spouse, getting them married, and so on. Many such side effects are caused due to a single marriage.
    Many couples lose their mental peace after their marriage. A very few are successful after their marriage. They will have to face MIL, DIL, FIL, SIL problem.
    For someone, it would be pleasant side effects, but for many, it is a horrible side effect that would lead to divorce, separation, quarrel, fight etc.
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    The author has well described the after effects of the marriage. Almost all incidences have its side effects, be they positive or negative. By side effects generally, people presume that we are going to talk about only negative or harmful side effects, though there are many positive or pleasing side effects also as in the case of a marriage.
    As a matter of effect , only through the institution of marriage, the life on this planet earth is continuing legitimately. The experience of having children, raising them and enable them to continue the lineage and legacy is perhaps the best pleasure an individual can have.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am sorry but I have to differ from the views expressed in this thread. Marriage is an institution that makes people responsible. It should be noted that a person becomes responsible in every sense only after marriage.

    And the most negative comment that the thread has is that about children. Bringing up a child and going through those blissful moments of being proud parents is something that is long cherished. Treating them as burden is completely illogical. Just think about it the other way - what would have happened if your parents had treated as a burden?

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    I agree that children are the blessings. But parents willingly undertake the burden in guise of blessing in their life. There were days when parents longed for a dozen children; got them; brought them up; lived happily. Now look at the latest day parents who got it limited to two, then to one, and presently for none. Married people want to live away their life and leave the earth peacefully without seeing the orphanage or old age home.

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    The first and foremost side effect of marriage is a person suddenly changes according to his/her spouse. In other sense, if a person is not intend to marriage, the tuning with his/her spouse will be critical; it is another side effect of marriage. However, all these side effects can be resolved if the couple understand to each other; simultaneously their parents and family members. There are many side effects of arranged marriage in contrast to love marriages. The bride has to adjust in everything as she shifts her home and family to other unknown place. There are many side effects in case of girls/bride; which she needs to understand as per the current situation by forgetting her past and domicile.
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    Well, I am really sorry but I strongly disagree with the author. Any relationship on this planet, if taken as a burden will never ever survive and if you continue to take it a mere responsibility, it would definitely prove to be a beast of burden only. Rather any bond should start from the roots of friendship and I am sure it would be a wonderful journey to lay your steps on. Without love and understanding, there is no meaning of any relationship. As far as dowry is concerned, nowadays women are excelling in every field and I have personally encountered such people who are strictly against this evil practice. In the light of the moment, the bride and groom decide to have a very simple marriage or they divide the expenses between both the families. But I very well understand that somewhere it still exist as a curse for grassroots. While having children is completely a personal choice of a couple and we can't comment on that.

    Though I agree that a lot of adjustment and compromises have to be made when you got to share your whole life with another person, sometimes clashes may occur but if there's a good understanding between the life partners, they will cross all the obstacles and flourish their relationship.
    Anyways, that's an individual opinion and I have no intentions of opposing anyone here.

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    Marriage and Children is not at all a burden and gives new meaning to our life. If our forefathers have thought like that then we are not here. Ego is the main reason for failure of marriage, remove it and then you will have a pleasant and peaceful marriage life. Money is needed for everyone to survive in this world irrespective of single / couple.
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    Good to see most of the members take concurrence to my views. It is really so sad on the part of the author that he takes to such views.

    With that kind of an attitude, no relationship will be meaningful in any way. The kind of comments made only show the arrogance on the part of the author. I am sorry if I have hurt your sentiments, but a fact is a fact and there should be no two words about it.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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    We are here to discuss issues on a particular topic. The topic is 'side effect.' My views and opinion may not match with your views and opinion. It doesn't mean we are arrogant with our points. You have used the word 'Arrogance' against me, not only in this thread but also in other threads. It is an irrelevant, unpleasant , personal attack word which you have used against me. I think you need to tune up to use the proper words during any discussion without hurting the feeling of the participants. Personal attacks are not warranted. You may argue or counter argue to any level without using any such words against me or other members. I think you need to check and mend your words before you post.

    Hope you will refrain in future.

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