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    Do you agree that there is no shortcut to succeed in competitive examinations?

    Often people start preparing for a competitive examination just a few months before the actual date of the examination after submitting their application form. As a part of their preparation strategy, they deploy all types of possible resources like joining a coaching class, online courses/mock drills/practice sessions, buy educational materials like books/DVDs and what not.
    Such candidates generally fail to appreciate that the preparation or otherwise has already been accomplished during their eligibility degree course and only brushing up or polishing of the already learned subject matter can be done within the available short span.
    Perhaps no competitive examination can be passed by mugging the course irrespective of the money invested on buying various study materials.
    Do you agree that there is no shortcut to succeed in competitive examinations?
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    I fully agree with author. But those days have gone when one is refreshing their basic training and recap all they have learnt so far and they may be ready at any time to face competitive examination. Nowadays the psychology of coaching centres/other practices made people to get into mad rush of coaching on a specific time and fail to understand that these cannot help them. Also they fail to understand that brain has a routine of rewind and hence one has to do rewinding the brain of what they have learnt. But now the education system has been diluted and hence these rewinding also will not help and hence they use the technique of all stuff together and get vomited and through which may not help all times if the brain did not help in vomiting.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I agree that there is no shortcut for competitive exam. Once has to start preparation from a very long time and just brushing up the subject is not enough. The number of applications for competitive exam is increasing and these exams are getting tougher. Only people with strong determination and sincere efforts will succeed these exams. Also the successful candidates would have already given several attempts and then reached their goal. So if one thinks they have enough knowledge and can prepare in just 3 months, then it is of no use and it will not land them anywhere. A person's effort and hard work can clearly be seen in his results.

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    This applies not only to competitive exams but also to general semester exams etc,. If a student studies for half an hour everyday after class, there will be no need to get tensed on the day before exam. Most of my classmates won't study until the day before exam and get tensed as even a small and simple subject looks large and complicated then. One of my friends is preparing for GRE from months. He would not have succeeded if he started preparing days before. So, I too agree with you that there is no shortcut to succeed in exams.

    Let us continue learning.

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    I had become sort of a fashion to fill forms and sit in the various competitive examination without any introspection on the part of the individual concerned. This trend has led to an almost unmanageable increase in the number of participants thereby putting an excessive pressure on the system.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, we cannot find success with shortcut and if we find then I think that success will be for sometime and after it will fade away from us. The truth is that hard work really pays and shortcut shows us the mistake we do to achieve any short of a thing. So to find the real success one should pay attention more on his hard work rather than searching for any type of shortcut.
    live happily in every situation of life

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