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    Strict parents and side effect on their children

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    Everyone know that parents should not be very strict to have their children in control. They should be friendly to their children so that a child is free enough to share things with their parents and discuss about various matters happening in their life. If parents are strict a child will hesitate or even get scared to sit with them and talk to them.
    There are various side effects on children whose parents are strict. A child will become stubborn and not listen to anyone. A child will hide things from his parents. He might commit a mistake and to cover that mistake he might commit another mistake and the chain begins and still the child will not go and discuss about it with parents. He might start lying to parents and that becomes a habit. A child might go against parents in future. In search of freedom outside his house, he may fall in the bad group and get habituated with bad habits or things. So parents should never be very strict to their child. Yes, a child should have fear for their parents but also he should be comfortable to talk freely with their parents and so being strict is not a solution.
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    Generally, the parents pass on to their children what they have learnt from their own parents when they themselves were children. The children raised by very strict parents, behave accordingly when they become a parent. It applies more in the case of the fathers.
    In the olden days, in the absence of proper education, few mothers used to protect their kids by lying also if necessary. Such children were bound to get spoilt in due course.
    The children raised in a loving and affectionate environment develop positive attributes which get manifested when they grow up. Punishing a children makes them stubborn and rebels.

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    Hi Sushma, it may be a creative writing of yours' but have a sensitive and beautiful message about parenting. In most of the families, there is an irrational and live intention and abhor of father to son and mother to daughter. Mostly fathers like their daughters and mother their sons. In many cases, father's rude behaviour to his son makes a kind of irresponsible and casual attitude in his mind. If a child (either girl/boy) is highly thwarted by their parents, there is a negative mindset and psychological disorder begins. When the child grows s/he starts behaving rudely to their parents, avoid listening to them, wander outside most of the time, and don't care anything about them. The child felt his/her parents as a joker and spoil his/her career at an early stage. Directly I'm saying the parents are responsible for their children's career.
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    Well the author might be right, but generally it cannot be agreed that strict parents are disadvantage to a child, and in fact none knows their children than parents and thus based on isolated incidents blaming parents as the cause for side effects on children is wrong.
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    Spare the rod and spoil the child, my parents never went by it and I don't believe in it either. I don't say that parents must be over friendly with their kids to such an extent that, children will loose the fear of their parents and use them to get whatever they need. such friendly attitude will not only spoil the child for good but also make him or her self centered as they grow up. they may not even hesitate to throw away, old and hapless parents. many such parents end up in old age homes and lead a lonely life. shaping up and moulding a child's personality is the major part in parenting. Just providing the child with all the facilities, providing proper food, appropriate cloths is not enough. parents are held responsible for a child's behavior, character and personality hence it is also a parent's duty to impart good manners, moral values and good culture in a child. Children are so innocent and vulnerable to the atmosphere and situations they grow in and they may not be always right in deciding things and may not even know to differentiate between right and wrong.
    I don't say that parents must be like super strict tyrants, who treat their children like prisoners, always ready with a stick and strategies of punishments such people resort to taunting and beating their child even for his or her small mistake. children will be terrified of them and grow up in fear, such kids may not have emotional attachment to their parents and may end up being introverts and weak minded. Parents must be strict to such an extent that children should respect their parents. children need parents to guide them through the right and wrong phases of life and parents must bring discipline into their child's life. being strict in such a way that the child learns the values of life, understands the value of money and the hard work and pain their parents face in earning it. such kids will respect their parents and love them from their hearts. Children do mistakes, sometimes due to ignorance and sometimes to check their limits. such mistakes must be dealt with punishments which are not about causing a physical injury or beating the child but making them realize their faults and bring them back on track. such children grow up into good citizens who will never ditch their parents.

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