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    Urge to tell secrets, what are your views about this urge?

    When people tell you a secret and ask you to not to tell anyone. What do you do in such conditions?
    Do you feel the urge to tell the secret to anyone or you can hide anykind of secret? Mostly womens are said to be unable to resist the urge of telling secrets, but in true sense it is not the tendency with womens, mens also face such urge and sometimes are behind the biggest rumors. I don't think that this urge has anything to do with gender.
    What do you think about this urge of hiding or telling secrets ?
    And funny things that many peoples does to supress or hide this urge. And many movies has shown these things in funnier and entertainig ways.
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    Rumors are different than secrets. A rumor mill always functions in the society and information is circulated nowadays through social media/apps.
    Generally, negative stories spread fast. The secrets act like 'threads' of a forum to continue the social conversation.
    As far as gender differentiation, in such matters is concerned, it may not be genetic in nature. The women who are busy, find no time in indulging themselves in relishing the rumors or secrets about others.
    Historically, women being physically weak, used to have their own a close knit social network for survival and mutual support during adversities. Such social networks used to be maintained and sustained by regular interaction. Since there was a limit of normal topics for conversation, new threads used to created by bringing in some spicy tit bits in between.
    Whatever may be the scientific reason but generally it is believed that women are more prone to circulate the rumor or secret than men.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The best method of secret keeping secret is to forger the secret that a secret person said something secret to you.
    There are many facets of secrets; person, place, time, incidents, etc. and the most important things of secret is SPEECH. Anything secret can be revealed after a certain time; but speeches can't. However it is difficult to keep secret of speeches.
    When a person says something and promises to keep it that secret; it means the verse must have some thorny truth that my hurt to someone or profit to someone. If you're in complicated whether to tell or not tell, you just simply forget the secret that somebody said something to you. It's my policy.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Our elders used to say in those days that if you want to inform about a thing or happening, tell that as a secret to a woman and with strict warning not to reveal to others, and surely that would spread like a wild fire within no minutes and the entire village would know. It is the human tendency that we get solace and happiness over others lost image, their precarious situation in life and their helpless situations. Such things are getting fast conveyed by trouble makers and thus we must avoid listening to those so called secrets other wise some day they will target you for having spread the so called secret in public. Better not to have gossips with others to get rid of this.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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