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    Share your wish for India after 70 years of Independence

    Come 15th August, and all Indians, the world over, will take pride in celebrating the Independence Day. It will be 70 long years since we gained independence. Our forefathers probably had a vision of how the new India would be. Most of us probably did not exist in 1947. However, today, 70 years later, what is that one thing that you most wish for your country?

    Do you wish for a corruption free nation or do you want better infrastructure? Do you hope for a National Health Scheme and quality education for all? Cleanliness, green environment, more jobs, better living standards or something else – what is it that one thing that you envisage for tomorrow's India?
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    A famous Bengali poet has stated: "Bharat abar jogot sabhai shrestho ason lobe" (India would again become the greatest nation in the world).
    On the eve of the Independence Day, I wish India would again become the greatest nation in the world, in every aspect.

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    Regarding a single wish, I would like the better sense to prevail and somehow growth of population at an exponential rate is contained as all maladies are related to that singular factor. Be it infrastructure, health care or quality education, the resources are getting diluted and all the progress made is going in vain as a new army of individuals is getting created every moment to demand their share.
    However, since the above target appears to be a distant dream, the other positive developments may be an abolition of the reservation system in admissions and jobs and thus indirectly recognising merit and competence. Any society where merit is not recognised is bound to have a stunted growth. But again it appears to be a distant dream, like wishing for total eradication of corruption.
    Then for the purpose of thread discussion, the only option remains is to wish for quality education for all.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I always think for the present. If you give your best in present moment, then your future will be bright. Most of the people thinking about their past and worrying about their future; however there is nothing left in past and nothing will happen in future. It all depends upon our current/present workouts. We're very much proud of our ancestors and freedom fighters who gave freedom to India from Britons. They already did their job and responsibilities; now it's our duty to save this country from various political corruptions and scarcities. On the eve of India's Independence Day, I want say one thing from my heart is not to damage any govt. property, save environment, and don't waste food. If we dedicatedly follow these three things, then India no doubt will count in top 5 countries in next 10 years. Jai Hind!
    Naresh Kumar
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    I would simply hope to see India as one of the best countries with no rich and poor citizens . All should be equal and should be respectful to each other. The term 'rich people' and 'poor people ' should get vanished from our land. All should be equal human beings living happily with cheers in their face 24x7. Can we all dream to see such a great India in the near future or at least after few decades? Let us start preparing ourselves to change our present India after seventy long years.
    We should first eradicate poverty from our poverty filled poor land. It is the first step to make a great India.

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    There are some reasonable wishes from my side which every middle class persons are hoping to be achieved at least 70 years after the Independence of our valued country.

    1. The education has become more pro-rich now. For pre primary itself one has to dole out lakhs of rupees as donation and that is slowly becoming very burden for the fixed income class. And they cannot given education in government schools as the standards are far below. So a comprehensive arrangement must be made where in private teachers must be engaged to tell the same syllabus and portions to the government school children too and the children would be greatly benefited.

    2. Hoarding of essential commodities by traders must be prevented. Artificial scarcity were created. This season we could not see ripen mangoes at lesser price and now also the hoarded mangoes are slowly released to market with same price. So hoarders must be punished.

    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I would like to see more images of humanity reflected in the attitude and behaviour of people - respect for women, kindness for elderly people, a helping hand for those in need, less rude conduct & better good manners and less apathy generally.
    Managing Editor,

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    I wish three things . 1st of all our all politicians, and bureaucrats should be corrupt free.
    2nd All citizen should get either free medical service or at very cheap cost. And 3rd wish is all children should get free basic education and technical or vocational course should be provided at cheap cost. Then automatically rest of problems will solved, like clean ness, unemployment, crime etc..
    I do not know what is the exact things needed to get all those things, whether it is the willing of politicians or the plan maker of our country.
    But this is not an impossible wish.

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    I would wish for a peaceful India were there will no more religious based fights, hatred. I would wish for Love in people for each other.

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    We all know that Mother India is suffering from a disease called corruption. I hope that we all discover a cure for that disease and make her healthy.

    The corruption in our country is increasing rapidly. Now a days, most people are suggesting others that "you take this job because you can earn more bribes with it" but not "you take this job because you can help more people or work more to develop our country" which is a reason for the rapid increase of corruption.

    We are celebrating 70th Independence day in a fortnight. I hope that a miracle will happen and our country changes from developing to developed in the next 5 years.

    I also hope that all the above wishes will be fulfilled.

    Let us continue learning.

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    The rural part of India is still underdeveloped and there are some villages which have no proper transport connectivity though they are connected by our telecommunication systems. Gandhiji's real dream was that the rural masses should be taken care with all facilities and infrastructure which couldn't be realised even after 70 years of independence. I hope rural development would not be on paper but in practice.

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