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    Smoking ban in public places, at least save passive smokers

    It is seen smoking in public places is rampant inspite of Court orders not to smoke in public places which creates nuisance to non-smokers who often called as passive smokers.

    According to a statistics the cigarette consumption falling steadily but heartening to read women smokers percentage is on the rise not a good trend at all.

    It is quite periodically read as over a billion people in India killed due to non-communicable diseases like cancer, heart diseases, yet people chose to smoke even after knowing smoking is the single largest reason for premature heart ailments or diseases.

    Inspite of all these trends why the authorities not implementing a complete ban on smoking in public places, is it due to confusion of getting definition of public places or the authorities lethargic in the latter part of the court orders or any pressure from cigarette manufacturing companies or ban may bring down revenue to government?

    What is your take on this issue like any additional suggestions to implement a total and complete ban of smoking in public places?

    I suggest to enforce stringent actions against smoking in public place at least to save passive smokers.
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    Yes it is the matter of great concern that while smoking as been gradually reducing among the educated lot, thanks to media alerts on no smoking and fines, It is really baffling matter that smokers in women are increasing. The modern films are showing dejected heroine taking to smoking and drinking and that is aped in real live by ardent followers of that actress. I also fully agree that whose smoking in public place must be immediately arrested and his driving license, and other necessary documents be seized so that he would take the matter seriously on the after effects of smoking in public. If one person is punished in my suggested way, the smokers get alerted and they would behave well at least in public places. By the way the law enforcing authorities must close the pan shops which sells the cigarettes imported from other countries which wont attract the laws and thus smokers are enjoying puff at lesser rates.
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    The Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply and Distribution) Act, 2003 is the main law in India regarding tobacco control.
    Smoking is completely banned in India at many public places and workplaces such as healthcare, educational and government facilities and on public transport.
    However, having smoking areas in airports, hotels having 30 or more rooms and restaurants having seating capacity for 30 or more is permitted , though open auditoriums, stadiums, railway stations, bus stops/stands are declared smoke free. The Railways Act, 1989 also regulates smoking on trains.
    Recently there was a move to raise the fine for smoking at public places from the existing Rs. 200 to Rs. 1000 and removal of provision for designated smoking areas from hotels and restaurants.
    India is home to about 12% smokers of the world.The maximum number of smokers in India reside in the state of Jammu & Kashmir constituting about 26.6% of the population.

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    Smoking is definitely a bad thing. As court has given order not to smoke at public place, and this is the duty of police and local authority to check it. But if Government banning smoking at public place then there should be some provision for smoker at public place. SO that they will not disturb any other person.
    And yes there are many advertisements showing on television regarding the side effects of passive smoker, so smoker should stay alert while smoking, if there is a non smoker person standing near to them, they should avoid smoking.

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    I think the reason for not banning cigarette smoking is the revenue loss for government. Cigarette manufacturers cannot pressure the government. Some people I know smoke cigarettes. What I observed is that once started, they can't stop it even if they want to. It just develops as an addiction in people. So, even the smokers who are completely aware of the effects of smoking cannot stop smoking easily. There are some ways to avoid that addiction but most of them are costly.

    During the start of every movie, a message 'Smoking is injurious to health, Liquor is injurious to health, Smoking is harmful not only to the people who smoke but also to the people in the surroundings' is displayed with a video about a man who died due to smoking. It clearly means that not only active smoking but also passive smoking is harmful. Many people who watch movies regularly smoke and drink but won't or can't change their habits. From some days, most of the torrent sites are banned in India. Due to this, piracy reduced drastically. In a similar way, let us hope that cigarettes will be banned in India and smokers reduce drastically.

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