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    Which is most important for a genius student, higher study or job?

    For a genius / rank student, which is most important; higher study or job? Many brilliant students after getting passed from Diploma and Polytechnic like courses and search for the job instead of going for higher education like Graduate in Engineering / Management and any other professional courses which are highly benefit in future. No doubt, all students' don't have good financial condition, but they can study higher course by taking education loans from banks and other grants. They should prioritize education first, and then job. Once they enter in to a job, they'll not get sufficient time to study and their knowledge completely vanishes in their profession. What you think on this topic; which is most important job or higher education for a brilliant student?
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    It primarily depends on the individual's financial background. There are many who are not in a position to continue studies because of financial hardships. In such cases, it is always advisable to join a job and simultaneously continue studies through distance learning mode etc. by doing extra hard work, in case interested in the same.
    However, in case there are no such constraints, then the studies should be continued further though there should be consistent performance and achievement.
    Continuing studies as an alternate of unemployment is not prudent. Most of the students, nowadays belong to this category. They tend to enjoy the 'student' status at the cost of their parent's money. They keep on sucking their parent's hard earned (or otherwise) money in the disguise of appearing in the IAS/PCS like examinations and in the process continue to remain, ineligible bachelors also.
    Many parents just to fulfill their wish of seeing the face of their grandchildren, let such unemployed youths marry also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In query itself the answer is there as Higher study is important to a genius STUDENT. If a student is studying with a purpose of Job, he cannot be called as genius or his genius is waste to that purpose as his talent only applied there in getting a job. With a motive of job if a student is studying his study will not be fulfilled with brightness. Higher study is only for those who interested to study further and further. My relative lady who is now 72 years old, she lead a life of housewife only got three MA degrees for her interest in studies. There are many persons doing their higher studies silently on their interest.

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    Generally, a student who is genius but doesn't have a good financial background is not encouraged by others to pursue higher studies. By other people, I mean parents, relatives etc,. Such students are suggested to get a job so that they can be of help to their family. In my opinion, such students must go to higher studies if and only if everyone in their family is confident and okay with it.

    Let us continue learning.

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    A genius student should also think for a while from the shoes of the parents especially his father who is going on sponsoring his studies. As far as father can afford, the son can study, otherwise going to job , start earning and repaying parents would be highly appreciated.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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