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    A friendship between friendship day cards

    Friends are the best gift to life from God. But it was not true from Mohan and Ali. Both of them knows each other since their childhood and are now best friends for the rest of their lives. Their families were not having good relations and hence they were not allowed to even talk to each other. Just because of their families, Mohan and Ali were not ready to break their friendship. So they decided to keep it secret.
    They started writing letters and sending cards to each other through post with some fake name so that their families had no clue about it.
    This friendship day, Mohan and Ali decided to send handmade Friendship day card to each other. They started preparations on time. Both of them took support from internet to get creative ideas and prepared beautiful Friendship Day cards. Although both of them shared their creative ideas but they did not shared any image of it to keep it as a surprise. Finally they packed their cards carefully and dispatched it a week before the Friendship day.
    Being in a same town, both the cards reached at same post office and were piled together before delivery. So they got an opportunity to talk to each other. They initially greeted each other and then started appreciating their masters. While discussing things, they got to know that both of them are created for each other's masters. Now they were desperate to reach their destinations and were waiting for the Post man to come and pick them up for delivery. An old post man entered and filled his bag with all the envelopes of his area for delivery. These 2 cards were among them. They were happy that their journey is about to end.
    It was heavily raining outside and the old post man was not comfortable for going for delivery. He walked for a short distance and suddenly got fallen in a water filled pit. All his envelopes moved out in water. He immediately stood up and collected them. But unfortunately, addresses from many envelopes got washed and the 2 beautiful friendship day cards were among them. The Old man delivered envelops which were retaining their addresses and came back to post office. He shared his entire story to his colleague and asked him to help. They tried to collect the address information from the sender contact details but the sad part is- these friendship day cards were having wrong information of sender. At last, only these 2 friendship day cards were left for delivery.
    By this time, these cards were having good friendship and they were actually enjoying their fate. The old post man decided to open the envelopes and when he opened that, he was in surprise to see such beautiful cards. He placed and decorated them on his working table together. The cards were happy to be together for their whole life and they hugged each other saying –"Happy Friendship day dear Friend".

    It is my entry for Me, friend to friend Friendship Day Greeting Cards - creative writing contest
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    Incidentally, true friendships don't require exchange of any greeting card or friendship day gift. The meaning of the word friendship has been distorted by the merchants of greetings cards and gift shops. Such ostentatious or pretentious tools are required only in the cases of superficial relationships misunderstood or misinterpreted as a friendship.
    The social media like Facebook has further distorted the meaning of the word 'friend'. Now friendship is weighed in terms of the cost of gifts exchanged.
    Regarding the basic theme of the story of the thread, it is quite imaginative and fit for an entry of any contest.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Padmini, a good story from you with a friendship day greeting card. Well done.
    No life without Sun ¤

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